Hey everybody, good news! The dentist says my teeth are all fixed, and I can once again travel outside of the South (and England) without being identified as “from there”. This is probably a good thing since it appears likely that I shall start spending about a week a month in Michigan for work starting in February. Hooray business travel!

WaPo clutches pearls at the idea that a Cabinet Secretary is doing work at the behest of the President! Mostly having to do with wrangling about the ongoing pro-Clinton, pro-Democrat stance of several senior FBI and Justice employees.

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at this article claiming Right to Work laws are killing Democrats. I mean there are so many jaw dropping assertions in here that are factually untrue, as well as a complete recasting of the history of union opposition as  a literal ploy by the KKK to break up worker solidarity. That’s not exactly how I remember the big UMWA and Pullman Car Porters Union struggles going down.

Unions reduce racial wage and wealth gaps, and many union contracts include rules mandating fair hiring and promotion standards, leading to less discrimination in the workplace

Oh Gods, do you think? Geoengineering may have unforeseen consequences. Especially since most geoengineering projects are aimed at fixing the problems with a model that is diverging from what is being measured.