Just one lone game on the ice last night?  Jeez, NHL. Throw me a bone here.  Anyway, Columbus dispatched with the Maple Leafs. The Jags’ DE Ngakoue stands by his assertion that Richie Incognito called him a racial slur. Nobody on the field, which totals at least 21 people, several officials, those with sideline mics and the people catching almost everything with tv cameras, managed to hear anything, and Ngakoue won’t even say what the word was, although he has said that he “doesn’t remember” if he said the n-word.  What a strange situation where the only guy getting press on it is the one guy who simply can’t, or won’t, recall what was said. And Andy Murray lets the media know that he had hip surgery and will miss at least the Australian Open and French Open this year.

Anyway, that’s it for sports. Let’s quickly and quietly move right into…the links!


I didn’t think it was possible, but Meryl Streep has gone even further up her own asshole. All we needed was an encore performance of her giving a standing ovation to a convicted child rapist or calling someone “a God” that everybody in her profession knew was a serial sexual assaulter. That would have crowned her Queen Shithead in perpetuity.

Ghana’s Immigration Service says it will not hire women who have bleached their skin or have stretch marks. Hey, I know black is beautiful, but are you telling me that white can’t be right?  I reserve comment on the stretch marks pending further explanation.

“Seriously, Captain. It was like this when I got here! And, um, I’m not drunk, but I still won’t submit to a test.”

You want to read about a shitshow? Well, here’s your chance. Never change, Chicago cops or the people who work closely with them. Well, actually do change and stop being so corrupt. It would be nice for your residents and visitors to know the guy near them carrying a gun and wearing a badge will be held to the same standards of the law that they are.

Remember when O.J. Simpson penned “If I Did It”, or whatever that book was called?  Well it looks like the NYPD’s very own “Cannibal Cop” has decided to follow the same script after being released from prison.

What a dumbass. Has he never heard of a boot? Or a book? Or…hell, almost anything wound have been smarter than what he decided to do.

I don’t do spiders either, but…seriously dude?

Some dude killed his “wife”. GLAAD goes off the rails. Hey, you know it might have been a domestic dispute instead of an attack on the entire tranny movement. You know, since all of the evidence points in that direction.

Salvadoreans are afraid their country might not be ready for the return of some of their 2 million people living in America. The people were granted temporary status in America following an earthquake…in 2001. The returns might happen for less than 10% of those here over the next two years.  Because, you know, 17 years isn’t enough time to rebuild some infrastructure and get people home after an earthquake.

::googles photos of Berlin or Paris in 1960::

Yeah, its possible to accomplish a rebuilding effort if you really want to.

After these links, we all deserve this song.

Good luck out there today. It’s a crazy world.