Hey look! Its about to start snowing in Houston. Which means very bad things for those of us who need to get on the road. So let’s jump into this as fast as we can, ok?

In the sports world, attention shifts to sunnier climes. That’s right, its Australian Open time!  It doesn’t look like there were any upsets through the first couple of days. Unless anybody considers one hit wonder Kevin Anderson a favorite for anything.  Oh yeah, and CoCo Vendeweigh went bananas over…bananas en route to being bounced out in the first round. I guess that’s an upset, although with her mental state, anything is possible.

Not much else happened anywhere. Dallas, Colorado, San Jose and the Islanders all won on the ice.Man United won to move into sole possession of second place in the EPL. FA Cup third round replays are on for the next couple of days. And the world waits, stunned, for the NFL conference championship games, still talking about that wild finish in Minnesoooooda.

That’s all for sports. Now…the links!

Twi- … -ter. Twitter.

Looks like Twitter has some splainin to do. Well, they would if anybody decided to get off the shithole comments and focus on a blatant invasion of privacy.

Two weirdo-looking psychopaths are arrested for essentially enslaving their 13 children. They had them chained to the bed and weren’t feeding them properly either. They were arrested after one of the kids escaped and called 911. Those disgusting pigs need to rot in prison.

Talk about irony! He might have made it had he gone back to the shithole lovely paradise he and most of his gang came from. But he stayed in America and is now a casualty in the horrible gun wars. Let’s see if the retarded gun-grabbers blame the NRA for this peach of a guy getting whacked.

This isn’t shithole culture. Its diversity, asshole!

The Airbus A380 was hailed as the future of aviation. It soon may become just a part of its past.

Chicago is still hiring too many white cops apparently. The story goes on to say how the number of minorities hired is way lower than the percentage of them that sign up to take the exam. But it never touches on the percentage that actually pass the exam.  And there’s also this:

Johnson says the stagnation in minority hiring is the result in part of candidates not following through after signing up for the police entrance exam.

But never fear! There’s this as well:

Johnson says many minority candidates are eliminated by the physical fitness and credit-check portions of the hiring process.

He says the department has “put things in place” to see that fewer minority candidates are eliminated from consideration.

So you see? Its easy to boost the number of minority candidates hired to be Chicago cops: you just have to lower the physical standards, hire more people that can’t pass the credit check and apparently lower the testing requirements.  And all that just to become a part of what might be the most corrupt police force in America and become basically above the law.’

Come take a ride on my Danish submarine.

Damn, dude. Wouldn’t it have been easier to just, you know, do your job?

I’m gonna just quote this story’s headline word for word. Because it’s earned it: Danish man charged with killing reporter on his submarine.

Goodbye, Dolores.  I’ll miss this song.

Good luck out there, friends. Especially those of you dealing with snow and ice in a place where it never snows