This week already feels weird. It feels like a Tuesday. No wait, it feels like a Friday. Or a Monday. Or…well anything but a Wednesday.  Damn, its hard together back in the work mode. Which is probably not what RichRod was thinking when he checked his email this morning or late last night in N. Nogales, AZ. This is sure one hell of a weird way to lose your job. And one hell of a way for a school to let you go for losing to Purdue. Because from what I can read of the story, the “shocking” headline notwithstanding, they’re paying him as if he was fired without cause, the “accuser” refused to cooperate or hand over anything to substantiate her claim of…what exactly?  And they never once mention anything he might have done wrong.

Ooh, that’s gonna leave a mark.

His workday was marginally worse than the grounds crew in Melbourne, after the ICC rated the MCG “poor” following an uninspired fourth test draw in the Ashes series. The Limeys have already been embarrassed in the five match series, having failed to retain (correction from earlier post there) the silverware or even be competitive, but this at least moves the spotlight away from their poor play and onto someone else.

The Las Vegas hockey team keeps rolling. As does Man City in soccer, who all but have the EPL locked up just over halfway through the season. Crystal Palace and West Ham also won to move further away from the bottom of the table.  And Kansas looks to be in jeopardy of not winning the Big 12 (with ten teams) this year after dropping another conference game at home.

That was a schizo sports update, I know. But most of you don’t come here for that anyway. You come for…the links!

Replying with all the seriousness Kim Jong Un deserves, Donald Trump takes to twitter after Kim’s “I’ve got a button” remarks. LOL. I mean, that’s all I can do is laugh. If we’d have had this kind of statesmanship instead of bowing and scraping and giving free food and aid every time the little nutcase made a threat while building nukes, perhaps we wouldn’t be dealing with a little nutcase with nukes making threats now.

Where’s the button, fat boy?

Germany doesn’t believe in free speech. Because those poor, sensitive immigrants wan’t read words like this without getting bomb-y.  But the words are the problem…not the ensuing bombiness, right Merkel? Not to be outdone, England piles on the anti-speech wagon too. Funny that the guy is tagged with being right-wing when the real Nazis were socialists in every sense of the word, which last time I checked was pretty far on the right side of the spectrum.  ooh, maybe the Commies and Socialists “switched sides” like the Dems and GOP are said to have done sometime right before or after a majority of Dems voted against the civil rights bill.

Dammit, Jim. I told you to delete everything once we were done! That’s what I’m imagining the latest correspondence between a certain woodland walker from New York and a certain unemployed former civil “servant” went like.  I’m grabbing the popcorn.

Doing their best to fuck up the gravy train, the union representing the snowplow and trash truck drivers in Chicago set a strike vote for Sunday. I don’t get it. Does the city manage all trash service exclusively?  Because in a city that is rapidly growing and will be larger than Chicago very soon, we let neighborhoods or individuals negotiate with competitive trash service.I know their users pay a fairly low rate, but perhaps opening it to competition and getting rid of the legacy costs might be worth considering. As to the low rate, I pay about $100 a year for trash service that comes twice a week for garbage and once a month for large items.

An Oregonian attempting to fill his tank.

More hilarity as Oregonians voice their displeasure at having to learn a new skill. If you can’t pump gas or change a tire (sorry to any people out there who lack the basic skill or cognitive ability to learn how to work a jack or lug wrench), you shouldn’t be able to drive a car.

OK, this is a dick move. But I’m having a hard time ginning up too much anger at the offending party when the masses of the “aggrieved” are such assclowns.

Trying to keep the music going strong early in 2018.

Have a great day, friends!