Get your hot coffee in?  Good!

Well it looks like my focus is gonna drift to college basketball, soccer and hockey for the next little bit. I apologize in advance for those of you who hate real sports.  But take solace in the fact that the links will soon be replete with updates on silly shit like ice dancing, cross country skiing and ::gasp!:: curling! But until then…

West Virginia, UVA, Purdue, Kansas, UNC, UK, Auburn, Tennessee and Creighton all beat unranked teams. Seton Hall got drilled by unranked Marquette while Oklahoma prevailed over Texas Tech in a battle of top ten teams.

On the ice, the Jets beat the woeful Sabres, the Crapitals took down the Canucks, the Peredators topped the Oilers, The Panthers topped the Blues, the Lightning struck against the Hurricanes, the Flames beat the Minnesoda WIIIIIIILLLLDDD, and the Blackhawks hung dog balls on the Senators.

Man City just kept on winning in the League Cup, where they prevailed with a b-side in their first semifinal leg against Bristol City. Chelsea play Arsenhole today in their first leg, in what has suddenly become priority number one for the gooners.

That’s the sports update. Now come…the links!

Mudslides in Southern California

13 dead in Southern California as torrential rains following a series of wildfires left the areas vulnerable. Several have been hospitalized, four in critical condition. Many more are unaccounted for, so expect that death toll to rise.  Stay safe, SoCal Glibs. You’re in our thoughts and prayers.

New Hampshire and pot: soon to be a legal thing.

New Hampshire legislature, not waiting on a study to be completed, has taken a big step toward legalizing recreational use of marijuana. I’m telling you, the Sessions move will precipitate this getting to Congress before the fall elections and you’re gonna see the right thing done the right way (real legalization, not this quasi-legal, “turn the other way when its convenient but leave the laws on the books” bullshit that leads down a path to rule of man vs rule of law.

Stunning…and brave.  I can see it happening at the media’s awards shows, since that entire industry seems to run on sexual favors and rampant abuse. But the State Of The Union?  This might have been more appropriate, oh, 20 years ago. But it wound have been part of a right-wing conspiracy then, as opposed to a gallant stand by leftists, who tend to populate the industries in much greater numbers where this abuse is rampant.  But somehow I think their target is not the guy or gal looking them in the mirror every day.

Kodak’s shares double in value in one day after they announced the launch of their own cryptocurrency (KODAKcoin) to be used by photographers.

Thankfully it was far enough away from land.

A powerful earthquake hit the Caribbean, with several smaller tremors following. The tsunami threat appears to have diminished.

Exxon Mobil struck back at California communities that had sued the oil company blaming them for “climate change”.

Nice jersey, redneck.

At first, I was relieved when I saw this in a Cleveland paper. Then I realized this idiocy had happened in the Cincinnati area.  Way to go Kings, you bunch of dumbasses.

As an aside, I want to note that my first competitive darts team were called the Cleveland Steamers and we won the CVDA (Richmond, what’s up?!) B League in our first year of play. The trophy is still in Breakers West End to this day.  After the league “requested” we change our name, we were runners-up in the A League our next two years as…The Shockers.

No time left for more links.

Gotta get to work.  Make today the best Wednesday of the year so far.  Take care, friends.