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Roger Federer seems ageless there last couple of weeks as he rolls in straight sets, Nadal is forced to sadly retire in the fifth set, the Korean upstart Chung ended the dream run of the Englishman Sandgren and Gregor Dimitrov was bounced by the other limey Edmund. Expect the two limeys to make a splash at Wimbledon…and expect British dreams to be crushed as is (mostly) usual there. Simona Halep cruised into the Semis, as did Kerber, Wozniaki and unseeded Belgian Elise Mertens. Should be kinda fun, but its sad to see injuries take such a toll on the aging stars.

Huge slate of games on the ice last night. The winners: Boston, Pittsburgh, Montreal, Philly, Tampa Bay, St Louis, Dallas, Buffalo (by 5 goals!!!), Army Las Vegas, Vancouver, Winnipeg and the Anaheim Mighty Ducks.  Congratulations to all of them.

Looks like the NCAA is gonna go after Michigan State for not paying attention when it was reported that a doctor on their staff molested hundreds of girls. Based not he Penn State precedent, the gymnastics team will be suspended from the postseason for a couple years and then reinstated.  Based on the #metoo bloodlust, the entire athletic program will be flushed down the toilet.  It’ll be interesting to see which tack the organization takes.

That’s it for sports. Let’s talk about other stuff in…the links!

Don’t Minnesodans (other than the wonderful contingent here on Glibs) have more important shit to worry about than this bloviating windbag and his exploits? Who knows what’s true and what isn’t. But I’d be shocked if they were really so quick as to let their cash cow go over a case of he said-she said as opposed to a very well-documented series of events.

OK, so I guess her sin here was being a therapist. Because, what’s the point in even having a hot tub if you can’t use it for its designated purpose? Also, thanks for the grainy pics, assholes. Based on what I’ve seen, she’s not unattractive.  Also, note to media: you’re not a social worker if you are a therapist working in a private practice.  Social workers are the ones who work for the state and don’t pay attention when people are neglecting kids but take them away when the parents question their authority.  There’s a big difference.

Idiotic says idiotic things, most of which mirror the words of black activist groups on college campuses, and is rightfully fired. Because you can’t say stupid shit like “the races should voluntarily separate” and keep your elected position…but you can forcibly exclude certain races from certain college dormitories, groups, meeting spaces and clubs and be hailed as a “campus leader”.  What a world we live in. Where certain people are judged by the content of their character (and fired) rather than the color of their skin (and hailed as empowered).

The Illinois Governor (right) and some greasy looking Illinois Nazi investment partner (left).

A 300% profit on an investment wasn’t enough for the Illinois governor apparently. Damn, dude. I’ve got two words for you if you want to really boost your portfolio: cattle futures.

The local DA in the case of those two pieces of shit who kept their 13 kids prisoner wants to bar them from any contact with their victims. Seems reasonable to me. They no doubt brainwashed them into believing their life was normal. I, for one, have no problem limiting their ability to reach out to, and probably intimidate, their victims ahead of their trial.

The GOP are starting to flex their investigatory muscles in their probes into what appears to be a very politically-motivated cabal of people at the FBI.  Of course, Politico begins the article thusly (emphasis mine):

Shame, shame. We know your name!

Amid new signs that special counsel Robert Mueller is pursuing an obstruction of justice case against President Donald Trump, Republicans in Congress have intensified their own investigations of the Justice Department’s and FBI’s handling of inquiries into Trump’s ties to Russia.

Tuesday brought several dramatic developments in the Russia saga, including the news that Mueller recently interviewed Attorney General Jeff Sessions, the first Cabinet official known to be questioned in the investigation. The New York Times also reported that former FBI Director James Comey was interviewed by Mueller last year.

But even as Mueller showed apparent momentum, Republicans made new charges of political bias and even potential criminal misconduct in the nation’s top law enforcement agencies.
First, has anybody even made the remotest statement that Mueller is pursuing a specific obstruction charge against Trump? And if so, obstruction in what regard: firing someone he has absolute authority to fire for any pr no reason (according to the fired person in sworn testimony before a Senate hearing)?  Good luck with that.
Second, the Sessions interview could have been anything, including “did you find out people at the FBI illegally obtained FISA warrants or otherwise acted illegally in trying to prevent Trump from taking office?”, both of which would seem like reasonable questions to ask in light of what’s now becoming public. Lastly…if that’s what passes for momentum at Politico, they might want to consult a dictionary, because his investigation has hit what could be considered a serious credibility roadblock at best.  But good luck peddling that narrative, guys. I’m sure you know what’s best for your failing website.
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