A year ago this site burst forth, like Athena, fully armed, from the brow of Zeus!

Behold, Glibertarians.com!


OK, maybe not that dramatic. Or that cool. Or… enough of that. Anyways, here we are at one year. If you look at what we said we are all about, I think we have stayed true. We have had many join, a few leave and a couple kicked out…but it has been an interesting time – most of it because of you, the Glibertariat. We have had terrific content (largely contributed by all of you) more snark than a Borscht Belt comedian reunion and a place we can call our internet home. I think the biggest thanks of mine would go to SP, for making this more than a cruddy, free “blogspot.com” site and to sloopy for being the driving force for the site even being done in the first place.

So those are my thoughts – I will hand this off to my fellow Glibs for theirs.

Brett L

I’m grateful to have a place I can come and be wrong. I’ve learned a lot about interesting stuff I didn’t even know was out there this year. This feels like the internet version of my big Irish family. Inside, we fight and drink and cut up at each other, outside, we mob up and kick the shit out of anyone who messes with us. Wait. Not that last part. I’d like to echo Swiss. SP has done a bang up job with this site. Sloopy was so hardcore about this site, he paid a cop to beat up his mom. Hopefully, we won’t need any more of that in year two. Special shout out to Riven and SugarFree, who carry the brunt of the load on user-submitted pieces. And thanks to Swiss, SP, OMWC, and SF for picking up the afternoon link slack. Finally, next time SP does afternoon links, you all better tell her what a great job she’s doing or I’m doing an all Goatse and Eagles (the band) links.



I only wish I had cat-butted more people. I think I only did it once. Oh well, there’s always this coming year.



Who are all you weirdos? Huge kudos to the gang of malcontents who keep this place running and humming and give us a place to belong, even if I don’t really have time to participate much these days.



Happy Anniversary to all you degenerate mockers and scoffers, now free from the tyranny of TOS! I’m proud to be a contributing freedom fighter.



I am so happy to be a part of the two close-knit communities Glibs plays a part of.  First to the people who put this project together and were gracious enough to include me in their plans: thanks to all of you. You are a wonderful group of friends and I am blessed that you let me contribute here. Second, to the larger group of readers, contributors, lurkers and benefactors: thanks you all for turning this into the most enjoyable virtual part of my life to date.  Many of you are what I would consider friends and the rest of you I consider close acquaintances that have added immeasurably to my knowledge, have made me laugh to the point of tears and have made me rethink positions to better respect the individual rights of others.

You guys people are, to a man person, the best.  And looking forward, I’m drawn to the words of Dirk Diggler:

Wow. I dunno what to say . . . I guess. Wow. I guess the only thing I can say, is that I promise to keep rocking and rolling and to keep making better films posts. It seems we make these movies this blog . . . and sometimes . . . they’re it’s considered filthy or something by some people . . . but I don’t think that’s true. These films This blog we make can be better . . . they it can help . . . they it really can, I mean it. We can always do better — and I’ll keep trying if you keep trying so let’s keep ROCKING AND ROLLING.


Old Man With Candy

Reason did me a great favor- it allowed me to meet and become real-life friends with an amazing group of people. Funny thing was, I could never get SP to read it, and on the few occasions she looked, she didn’t find the comments appealing. The first turning point was a few years ago when she joined me on a trip to visit SugarFree; “You keep telling me that his stuff is disturbing and horrifying- I can’t believe that, he’s such a sweet, charming, and intelligent guy!” That sort of hooked her into my libertarian social circle and she did not come back unscathed. So when it seemed obvious to our friends that it was time to make Virginia Postrel’s fondest wish come true, she was the one who really made it happen.

I’m shocked and very pleasantly surprised at how fast we became a community in the Burkean “little platoon” sense. Crowd-sourcing content is a recipe for disaster, unless your crowd is unusually smart and articulate. And the Glibertariat is definitely Mensa-gone-terribly-wrong. In any case, having this site has allowed SP and me to meet lots of you whom we wouldn’t have met otherwise, and we’ve ended up with people who are truly friends. That is priceless and makes all the work involved pale into insignificance.

Thank you. Thank you all.



This is all I have to say:

I will not be taking any questions.


I am oddly pleased to be a member of this community! It’s nice to know there are people out there as messed up as I am! (And I say that with love!)