Snow…endless snow. Not sure if anyone will find these links. If they should, know that the Glibs held out as long as they could before resorting to cannibalism. I was the last…


OK, so the snow was an inconvenience. But thanks to snowblowers and shovels, and the working internet, there are links for all. Brett was tied up, burning down his old employer’s offices I think. Or stuffing pythons into their vents. Whichever. So you get my Links of Fimbulwinter;

  • I did not realize that Warty Hugeman’s DOOMCOCK was going to open the Olympics! I hope the IOC has sent a royalty check to SugarFree.
  • The Greatest Foreign Policy Success Ever continues to bear fruit. Do you think if Tillerson ever steps aside, we could get the old gang back together – Herself, Rice and Powers? Maybe have John Kerry pose for photo ops?
  • Um…wut? Article I of the US Constitution – read it, Tim. Then you can see that you goofs are the ones who can. Nice to see some vague stirrings in Congress, to regain the tatters of their authority. Wonder why it took so long?
  • Following up on a Morning Link. “Take leave“?! I guess your constituents can do without representation, eh? Note the wonderful weasel language she uses – Upon reflection of the details alleged, I am certain I did not engage in the behavior I am accused of… You did, or did not.

OK, so there you are. Try to stay warm and unburied.