Yeah?! WHY?!!!


I am going to keep it brief – with Florida Man, ZARDOZ and STEVE SMITH roaming the pages….best to keep a low profile. But there are a few things worth linking, so here they are for you:

  • OK…OKAY!? Which one of you talked?! CAN WE NOT TRUST YOU PEOPLE WITH A FEW SECRETS???! Bah. Damage control time.
  • Harumph – miserable proles don’t get great art.
  • Did you say you wanted dictatorship fellating? OK, here is a bit for ye.
  • DON’T PANIC – Neither the Hat nor the Hair were harmed. REPEAT, DON’T PANIC!
  • Is this like the announcers at a baseball game mentioning a no hitter is in progress?
  • Yes, a music link from me…for once.


Come back later today for more fun.