This symbolizes the quality of these links


Of craps, I give none today. But I don’t want to end up hauled in by rampaging Red, er…Links Guards, so you get links.

“He failed to post the Links!”

  • I wonder how many Glibs bid on one of these? NOTE: this is NOT something Sloopy auctions, so don’t even start making that joke. In case any of you do, I’ll just do this now… *narrows gaze*
  • NIMBYs and Slavers try to thwart useful apps. If I was in a crap giving mood, I’d make some sort of ROADZ! joke. I’ll leave that for all of you.
  • Death Panels? Rubbish made up by people standing against progress!
  • I guess someone is betting on the Kurds.

There. Links.