Thank God this week is almost over.  I’m as tired as Lili von Shtupp. Today is my son’s 18th birthday. I feel especially old now that he’s an adult. But I also got to change a piss-filled diaper from Baby Justice, so I was at least reminded that I have a whole other generation of them to raise to adulthood.


Hey, what ever happened to athletes and actors just entertaining us and leaving their political messages at the door?  Was it ever that way, I wonder?  Sure, there were a lot of athletes that left the sport to sign up when the Japs bombed Pearl Harbor, but there was literally no controversy in their opinion.  Today its a bunch of athletes who have security protecting them while at work decrying my ownership of guns because some stupid asshole punk decided to go on a killing spree.  I’m happy you have an opinion about it dick, but don’t expect me to pay to see you play when you’re telling me I should give up my rights (or have them forcibly taken away) just to make you feel good about yourself while you have the luxury of having an armed security force at your workplace.

Sorry about that rant, but half the ESPN stories this morning were about who all is speaking out for gun control.  And I don’t have the patience to suffer a network with a political mission of disarmament, ramming their opinion down our throat when their stated mission is to be the worldwide leader in sports.  Of course, these are the same progressive dumbshits that fawned over Obama and his basketball picks every year but left politics out of it, meanwhile they completely changed their stated policy on mixing politics and sports when Trump was inaugurated because “athletes and sportscasters have voices too and should be heard in these divisive times.”  Nevermind that the guy in office before him did more to stir up racial and political animosity than any predecessor in the history of our nation.

No, not a bu-, a bomb.

No scores today. That’s my sports update. Thanks, ESPN, for taking away one of my daily diversions. And now come…the links!

Maybe the FBI are starting to take seriously leads on people who are obviously bent on destruction. I wonder if the teacher will get put on paid leave. Just kidding, he quit before he was arrested. Although the door is open to a pension related to the stress of teaching while running a bomb factory.  Hell, if a NYPD cop can get a heftier pension because he allowed himself to become a fat fuck, this guy might have a chance too.

Black man who grew up dirt poor and rose to the top of his chosen profession decries victimhood mentality. Oh man, that ought to set a few heads ablaze.

They see him trollin’, they hatin’.

LOL, sorry bitches! You got trolled. I like the cut of this guy’s jib. I mean, he simply doesn’t give a fuck what anybody wants from him. And he’s probably gonna parlay that into a bigger payday.

OK, I have a question: why is the FBI doing investigations that include domestic violence in the first place? Look, DV is awful. Anybody that would initiate violence on a spouse, partner or stranger for that matter is an asshole.  But when the hell did it become the province of the FBI?  Perhaps those resources could have been better spent following up on actual threats of violence against schools full of kids instead of this shit.

How do you manage to fuck this up to the tune of a $4Bn loss?

Better enjoy Uber while you can. Because they’re apparently run like shit. Seriously, how do you lose that much money when your entire means of revenue are off of commissions you only pay if your drivers are making money?  Sure, there’s some more overhead, but it can’t be that much.  Here’s a tip: move out of Silicon Valley and San Francisco and set up shop somewhere you can pay your employees and your facilities cost a hell of a lot less.

A series of good deeds is once again rewarded. This dude is just a cool guy. I hope he can finally have a couple injury-free seasons, but even if he ends up never playing another down, he will be regarded as a fine football player and an even better human being.

There is no tie in to a link today. Just a good song.

Have a great day and a better weekend.