Hello GlibFitters, apologies for the crap article today! My laptop decided to corrupt the OS randomly, and I haven’t had time to fix it. This week, I’m phoning it in!

This week is the week of suck for those of you that have been dutifully improving your fitness since the start of the challenge. Week 2 is the low point of the whole process. Week 3 sucks less, and you should be over the hump by week 4.

Just remember that all this hard work will pay off in the near future, and the suck will subside.

Worst case, give yourself a break for ten minutes and grab a hamburger.

As for me, this has been an up and down week. I’ve had catered lunches to account for and Valentine’s day was a complete fitness failure, but I’m maintaining weight and have hopped right back on the horse. A bad meal or a bad day aren’t enough to kill my momentum anymore.