Congratulations you motley crew of fitness fools! You’ve made it through one week of the fitness challenge. Some of you have already fallen off the wagon, and we’re here to shame you into slinking back on. You’re not gonna give up already, are you??

Just admit that you fucked up and start week 2 anew. We won’t judge you more harshly than you judge yourself, we promise.

Week one of a new routine is always hard. Motivating yourself to do stuff really sucks. The good news is that if you made it through the first week, you have evidence that you won’t die from the changes you made. The bad news is that weeks  2 and 3 are gonna suck worse before it gets better. But you want to be healthy and strong, right?

Oh geez, maybe I should add a carrot to balance out that giant Hillary sized stick I just dropped in this article.

For myself, I had an okay week. Superbowl weekend was a 48 hour glut, but I ate well otherwise. I only got one day of physical activity in, which is 1/4 of what I wanted. It’s going to be hard to find the time to do physical activity. How about y’all?