So my son managed to attend a whole hour of daycare before getting sent home — oh, and he has to stay home tomorrow, too. Seriously, he’s fucking four. IDGAF if he says he feels sick. I took his ass to the doctor yesterday and the doc said he was cleared.

The first rule of business is be where your customers are. This girl gets it. h/t Webdominatrix

Hey guys, you’ll be totally surprised to find working class, union guys in Germany are moving from the Social Democrats to the, er.. Nationalist parties that are also pretty socialist? Trying not to Godwin the shit out of this. h/t Warty

Amtrak train separates at 125 MPH — which seems a little fast for the even the Express from DC to Penn Station. Survivors were dropped into Philly to complete Phase II of the Running Man game show.

Asshole infects 33 people with AIDS in India while posing as doctor. Hopefully, they find him murdered and fed to dogs on the side of a road somewhere.

We’ll see if SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy goes up. Update: Yep. All the rockets went all the way. See if they stick the landing. The two on the side sure to hell did.

This might be a backup theme song. Well, we have “Because Fuck You, That’s Why” for everyone and “My Sharona” for OMWC. Sloopy’s is in his handle… Okay, theme song contest for contributors and commentors!