Well, its been one year today hanging out with you people here.  I won’t speak for any of the other folks involved here because its not my place, but I want to personally thank you all from the bottom of my heart for making this such a wonderful experience.  I’ve learned a lot in the past 365 days hanging around in our own little place. A lot about diversity of opinion, a reasonable discourse and what quality user-generated content can be (hint: it has been excellent). So many of you, those that are still here commenting daily, those who lurk and those who have come and gone, have contributed more than you’ll ever know.  And a special thank you to the people that came together and founded, fostered and labored for this place to be the wonderful venture that it is.  The site has evolved a lot over the last year and the format has been tinkered with, and it seems to be drifting in the way you guys want it to drift. For that, I am happy.

Anyway, you guys are the best. Thanks for everything.

Ohio State and Liverpool both won this weekend. Man United shit the bed, Michigan State beat Purdue to put Ohio State atop the Big Ten. And in hockey, the Pens, Red Wings, Rangers, Canucks, Avalanche, Bruins, Flames, Flyers and Sharks won.  That’s it. I blew my load on the anniversary bit so I didn’t have time for much else.

And now, I present you with…the links!

The smiling face of an evil member of a murderous clan

This is what happens when you let your political hatred of a rightfully-elected President cloud your judgment so much you beclown yourself on a global stage. I mean…yeah. Well done, WaPo. You’re officially a joke after your “Democracy dies in darkness” schtick followed up with this.  Collect your door prize and GTFO of the building if you think for a second you’re a publication to be taken seriously anymore. You can join CNN’s Lester Holt over there in the corner with the dunce hat on.

Damn, that’s harsh. Looks like he could have used a few of those cats’ nine lives.

California gets the immigrants it deserves.  Unfortunately, these guys won’t be paying into the system.

Dindunuffins get a break in Chicago. Hey, maybe you lazy-ass cops up there can start charging these assholes to the fullest extent of the law and will let your unarmed populous defend themselves from them and this kind of shit won’t continue to spiral out of control. And stop throwing people in jail for drugs at the expense of these idiots walking free.

Boston police apologize for tone-deaf tweet. Yeah, its a little tone deaf, but its still completely accurate. Don’t these people have more important shit to complain about?

Shut down due to Nazis

No, not a bu-, a bomb. London City airport closed down when unexploded WW2 bomb found nearby in River Thames. Shit, I remember when that nation used to fly planes out while under a torrent of bombing. Now they shut down an airport when somebody spots a Nazi shell in the general vicinity. The sun may have finally set on a once-brave people.

This goes out to all of you.

Have a great day, friends. Thanks for a hell of a good year.