“Please tell me they are taking it down?!”


This morning I can think of no better theme for the Links than the source of wisdom, moral exemplars and inspiration that is Hollywood. Bask in the glory. Take to heart the lessons. KNEEL BEFORE ZOD…uh…scratch that last one. Anyhoo, here is Hollywood for ya:

  • Should you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of a divorce….who other than Ashton Kutcher could you look to for an example of how to manage the whole thing?
  • I realize that many of you are in business, and in supervisory roles. Learn how to deal with your subordinates from yet another sterling example!
  • We should be grateful that Hollywood brings us into contact with down to Earth, real people, you know – ones that can inspire us all to greatness.
  • And if there is one more thing we can get from Hollywood, lately, it is originality!

Now, you must excuse me as I go bow, reverently, toward the Hollywood sign.