I hope everyone’s day is going well. I’m killing it here today as both my children are still at school as of this writing. Also, it is the end of my penultimate day at this job. I may be a little hard to find in the afternoon for the next several weeks as I negotiate with the new masters. I’ll be doing tech stuff that will take me up to Dearborn about once a month. Should be a fun couple of years. Also, I will not be parenting my children alone this weekend as my wife’s step-father has seen a rapid improvement and they don’t need her help. Everything’s coming up Brett. I should buy a lottery ticket.

If you saw The Shape of Water and wondered exactly how the plumbing fit together, good news. This sex toy maker has you covered. h/t SugarFree (to nobody’s surprise)

Florida Man goes for live action GTA police cruiser raid, gets caught.

Wow, this Russia-probe is boomeranging back about as hard as the #metoo thing. Trump is the luckiest guy in the world. Nobody would believe this shit if it were the plot of a book.

German frigate fails sea trials. You know who else…

In honor of the Eagles, I was gonna play the Eagles, but I don’t really like the Eagles, so… we’ll do this instead.