National Signing Day was yesterday, and as much as ESPN tried to hype up their beloved SEC, only one of the top seven teams were from there. And maybe its just me, but I sure do seem to remember a lot of those 5-start ratings of Georgia signees being 4-stars a couple months ago.  I’m amazed at how much better those guys got once they gave their verbal to Georgia.  Whatever, I couldn’t possibly care less. Ohio State reloaded at all the positions they needed, they kept their Defensive Coordinator and they haven’t lost to TTUN in more than six years. They should walk away feeling happy as a pig in shit.

Speaking of Ohio State being happy, holy shit, did any of you catch that game with (#3) Purdue last night? Talk about guts. Don’t believe me…have a look for yourself by scrolling down to the game tracker and win probability chart.  I had all but given up with about 10 minutes left, but decided to hang in there and see what happened. Let’s just say I was pleasantly surprised. No way does last year’s team finish games like that. Holtmann has to be seriously considered for coach of the year.  Oh, and elsewhere, top-ranked Villanova also fell. Virginia came back to beat FSU. Texas Tech rolled. aTm took down Auburn. UNLV took down Nevada. And Miami was better than Wake Forest.

On the ice, just three games. Toronto took down the Nashville Predators. The Bruins throttled the Rangers in an Original Six matchup. And the Kings trumped the Oilers.

Olympics start today, I think. Who knows. If I see scores tomorrow morning, I’ll update them.  Maybe. Hell, I don’t know. Tune in then to find out.  But until then, enjoy this edition of…the links!

Charli Parker

A teacher imprisoned for a consensual relationship with a pair of students is fighting back. Good for her.  Its about time that law went the way of the dodo. It violates her equal protection and diminishes the agency  of the adult students, or those who have reached the age of consent, in her state.  Let’s hope these laws are struck down across the country, although the occasional “hot teacher mugshot” will be sadly missed around these parts.

Remember when Obama said he hadn’t asked for, nor would ever ask for any information related to the Hillary Clinton illegal-email-server-with-classified-information-on-it-in-her-basement-and-secret-addresses-to-hide-it-from-FOIA-requests scandal? Yeah, so do I. Well, texts back and forth between two of the investigators who were sleeping with each other tell a different story. And it looks like Comey is gonna get a nice little invitation back to Capitol Hill to explain if he was quibbling when he said he had only talked to Obama three times while running the FBI, and was really giving them updates on the investigation throughout.

My hero and her two kids

You guys like the occasional piece of good news, right?  Well try this on for size: its this kind of story that renews my faith in humanity. Seriously, it’ll choke you up.

We’ve talked plenty about the two people who bought a private street in San Francisco but were forced to give it back after the wealthy denizens of the area forced them to and the interim mayor called them “bottom-feeding pirates”. Yeah, its really their fault for playing by the rules your stupid city set up and the HOA in charge of the place never paid property taxes on.  Guess we know who butters his bread.

Piece of human garbage George Soros is at it again. Maybe someday he’ll take his rightful place in hell rather than trying to undermine freedom across the globe to enrich himself.  Hey, maybe he’ll see some of the Nazis there that he helped round up other Jews so long ago.

Small-government nonprofit Illinois Policy Institute appears to have been run by a con man. That’s just great. I can only imagine the headlines: small government advocates are all just trying to enrich themselves. Just look at the head of the Illinois Policy Institute! Thanks a lot, asshole.

This is what a failing newsroom looks like

Remember when Vice was a cool place to get news? Remember when they had takes worth reading and/or watching?  Those days appear to be long gone. Look for them to go the way of Newsweek in the very near future as investors bail out. I guess there is only so much room out there for Neo-progressive hot takes. Don’t believe me? Look at their main page.

People tired of getting loads of free shit from Amazon.  Hey, forward them to me! I don’t even care if some yahoo in China is doing it to write reviews of their own stuff.  I’ll find a use for it.

Here’s a little advice to those people above.

Good luck out there, friends!