Hope y’all had a nice Valentine’s Day. Mine went exactly as I’d hoped and a little better when I received a very nice writing instrument.  Thanks, Banjos 🙂

Just in case you thought the Winter Olympics were as good as the Summer Olympics.

Olympics are still too boring to note, although America has already captured the first of the alpine events (where the score is actually the time and a winner is determined by objective measurements rather than the opinions of a few people. So…go USA!

Providence might have played their way into the tournament with a win over Villanova. Elsewhere, Xavier (OH) Won. Auburn beat Kentucky, who is starting to fall outside the bubble, in my opinion.Florida State took down Clemson, to the delight of Brett L. Duke drilled Va Tech. Michigan rolled up Iowa. And Nevada topped Boise State. This year is absolutely wide open. The tournament should be a blast.

On the ice,  just three games. The Avalanche blanked Les Canadiens. The Florida Panthers beat the Vancouver Canucks. And the Maple Leafs continue to impress, doubling up the Columbus Bluie Jackets 6-3.  This season has been a roller coaster. I can’t wait to see how it ends in five months. Or how the playoffs work out 9 months from now.

Lastly, in European Champions League, I’m getting word that Liverpool have scored again while on the flight back from Portugal.  I mean…wow. What a beatdown. And Real Madrid got a pair of late goals to top PSG 3-1. The JV Euro tournament plays today. And Arsene Wenger is probably already complaining about something.

That’s all for the sports update. Now back to…the links!

I didn’t know she was that old. Also, might be photoshopped.

More details are coming out about the horrible piece of shit who shot up a Florida high school, killing 17 and injuring scores more. Apparently everyone know he was a dangerous piece of shit and many suspected he’d try and do something like this, based on his actual threats to do something like this. No police were injured, however, as they’re probably still huddled behind their APC outside the place where he lived.

Elizabeth Warren doubles down on her claims of Indian ancestry. and accuses Trump and others of being meanies. You know, 23 and Me don’t cost that much, Lieawatha Lizzie. I’m sure your opponents would even be willing to crowdfund you getting it done to settle the matter once and for all. Also, its convenient that her story now includes “facts” she has completely omitted up until today. And the principals involved are dead and unable to corroborate her claims.  Also, I bet the open bar reception after that meeting is a fucking BLAST!

Oh look! Its a Republican actually talking about balancing a budget! Too bad he’s relying on cutting pensions for Illinois government employees and raising taxes. Because saying those two things together in that state all but ensure he will not be re-elected.

I don’t know the answer to the mystery, but if I had to guess, I’d say roofies, booze and lot lizards played a role.

And while I hate linking two pieces from the same place, I just couldn’t avoid this piece of low-hanging fruit.  That kid is gonna be fine, I’m sure. Right?

The Blue Man Group’s got some competition

A group of Senators have reached a deal on immigration. But there’s no way in hell it gets a consensus until it addresses chain immigration, curbing future illegal immigration and the border wall Trump is insisting be funded or he will veto it.

Wait, so its ok for him to do blackface but not me? Actually, I’m sincerely proud of this guy. I’m glad he’s doing what he can to continue living his dream.  The world needs more of this kind of persistence and less of the HRC variety.

Parts of this song could apply to many of the people in the links today. Choose for yourself.

That’s it for me. Have a great day, friends!