“The USA Olympic team is racking up medals while having fun at P.F. Chang’s.. But the bigger question: Should that be considered impolite to Kim’s sister? I know she traveled all the way from her impoverished, thanks to Trump, homeland to be the goodwill ambassador the world needs right now in the face of such a dangerous leader like we have. She’s so brave and lovely, America would do well with her in a position of power rather than Ivanka.”

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Sorry about that. We’re considering doing paid commentary on the site and I wanted to see how it would work out. I guess we’ll take a pass unless we’re able to tweak a little for content. I’ll get to work on it.  But in the meantime, let’s talk about real sports: Chelsea managed to win yesterday and keep Conte employed for a little longer. On the basketball courts across the country, just two ranked teams played. And both UNC and WVU took. home victories.  No couches in Morgantown were harmed.

Three games on the ice. Let’s mention two and then focus on the third. The Florida Panthers beat the Edmonton Oilers and the Toronto Maple Leafs took care of the Tampa Bay Lightning.  Then there was the once (recently) great Chicago Blackhawks getting curb stomped by the worst franchise in the NHL for at least a decade, the Phoenix Coyotes.  Sorry, Swissy. It’s a four-alarm fire over there.  Time to clean house and see if you guys can shake up a little sense of urgency. Because whatever it is that they’re doing ain’t working by any measure.

Champions League Round of 16 games are up this week. That brings a little excitement back to those of us who are fans of top clubs. And of course more excitement will continue at P.F. Changs as hockey starts up in earnest.  Go U.S.A. (with apologies to our lovely North Korean hostesses and their Minister Of Agitation and Propaganda boss-lady).

OK, that’s all out of the way. And I’m sure there’s a lot going on today.  SO let’s get down to…the links!

“Who the fuck is that?” she said earnestly

Paging Inigo Montoya. Inigo Montoya to the white courtesy phone.  Also, who’s the chick on the right? Just kidding. That portrait looks fine. And besides, there’s no way they wanted to pay Lucasfilm likeness rights for Chewbacca with all the foot traffic going through the gallery. It’d cost them a fortune! Lastly, will Trump have his done on velvet? God, I hope he has his done on velvet. And I hope there’s a tiger in it. Or a unicorn. Or…well, you get the point.

Susan Rice wrote an interesting email just a few hours before she no longer had a job. Republican Senators want to know why.  And why would the Obama admin be in a position to determine what information to share or not share with transition team members with the necessary security clearances in place?  Meh, I just hope they get her under oath and start asking about her and the Ambassador to the UN unmasking and leaking the names of everyone in the transition team that were being surveilled under the flimsiest of reasons and with a dubiously-granted wiretap warrant on a man that had recently been on the FBI payroll.

I’m sure the huge deficits are coming, but let’s at least for a minute appreciate the effect the tax cuts had on something. Those crumbs appear to have been reinvested in ways that help the government get more revenue.  Gee, who’d have thunk it?

Weinstein and unnamed pal in better times

Looks like the leftist hero Harvey Weinstein is in a bit of legal trouble for real. Its amazing in a world filled with such stunning and brave, and don’t forget intelligent and empowered, leftists, nobody even lifted a finger to put a stop or even place a speed bump int he way of this bulbous cretin of a human being.  You’d almost think they were craven assholes with little care for those being hurt as long as their career didn’t suffer.  But if we’ve learned anything about Hollywood from those who are from there: they’re better than us and that can’t be the case.

Leftist “artist” and leftist politician in a catfight over how south Boston is depicted. Here’s the rest of America’s take: nobody fucking cares. get over yourselves. Your southie culture is there for us to laugh at, not give a shit about.

Maybe I’m missing something, but could somebody please show me in the article where she forced these people to remain there? Just kidding. This seems legit: the city collects money from someone who appears to have possibly violated a contractual agreement. No money for the “victims”, but more for the government.  And people wonder why its damn near impossible for people to live in that city.

OK, can somebody please explain this shit to me? (And if I’m simply too old to get the cultural significance or reason for the banning, that’s fine. But please let me know what the ever-loving fuck is so bad that it requires a banning when pictures of a decapitated president from the blue-check brigade get no notice.)

You want a dose of “shit, I’m getting old”? Just think about this for a few minutes.

Hell, this song was an easy choice as a tie-in. Also has a nice bass-line.