Its the middle of the week and the Patriots are still talking about the game.  Oh, I think I have a pic of one.

Artists Depiction Of A New England Patriots Player Being Interviewed

I’m just kidding. That really was an entertaining game.  And the best moment was the last moment. Expect the Patriots to be back next year, as their offensive genius of a coordinator decided to stay rather than become the Colts head coach.  And they’re gonna get a new DC, possibly Greg Schiano (late the DC at Ohio State after maturing quite a bit following his humbling stint as an NFL head coach), who can’t possibly do a worse job of game prep than Patricia for the biggest game of the year. We shall see.

Plenty of games in college ball last night.  Michigan State came back and beat Iowa (who choked). Xavier took down Butler. Cincy took apart UCF. Kansas bounced back and topped TCU. Tennessee beat UK, who simply has not gelled as a team yet this year. Northwestern beat TTUN. And Wichita State rolled to a 20 point win over Memphis. Buckeyes face off against Purdue tonight in a game I’m not really looking forward to.

Eleven games on the ice last night.  Ducks beat the Sabres. Flyers top the Hurricanes. Senators over the Devils. Panthers beat the Canucks. Jets flew past the Coyotes. The Avalanche overwhelmed the Sharks. The Flames beat the Blackhawks. The MINNESODA WIIIIIIIIIILD put up 6 and gave St Louis the Blues. The Bruins beat the Red Wings. The Crapitals were a goal better than the Blue Jackets. And Pittsburgh beat Army.

Olympics getting closer.  But nobody seems to care. So I’ll not do my pairs figure skating preview and will, instead, go straight to…the links!

Kenyon College goes full retard and becomes the latest liberal institute to censor art.  Anybody remember when the left mocked the right for putting cloth on statues and trying to get books taken out of elementary school libraries?  I sure do.

Look at the sign the girl is holding for a bonus laugh

I remember when a politician caught making racially disparaging comments caught on tape meant that politician was either disqualified or forced to beg forgiveness. Not so for an Illinois Democrat. A simple “I regret it getting out and I will sue the person who leaked it, and shame on my opponent for capitalizing on it” seems to have sufficed for the gubernatorial hopeful Pritzker. He was caught on an FBI wiretap discussing which black person to give the Obama senate seat to with Rod Blagojevich, who just so happened to go to prison for a long time for essentially selling the seat.  Pritzker wasn’t implicated in that scheme. I guess some politically-connected families are more important that others.

With apologies to the late, great Percy Sledge:  “Wynn a man loves a woman, can’t keep his eyes hands on nothing else. Cause Thinks that’s the way its s’posed to be.”

A suburban cotton candy farmer at harvest

Let’s see if Montgomery County, MD wants to maintain that Sanctuary City (yes, I’m aware its a county) street cred or if they shed it for this guy and let him get deported back to the shithole he came from.

I say, let them eat cake Tide pods! We’ve got to winnow the herd somehow. And anybody dumb enough to eat a freaking Tide pod deserves their fate. But nooooooooo. We’ve got to legislate so the makers of them have to completely retool their packaging factory at what I can only assume is a considerable cost, in order to keep a few retards from doing something retarded.  What’s next? Going after Owens-Corning for their sweet, delicious cotton candy, er insulation?

Chicago cop taken off the street after internal investigation reveals that he performed an internal investigation of his own on a suspect in the hospital. If you’re a friend of his, don’t worry. He’s still getting paid.

Don’t try to steal from a convenience store in Houston. (Note how they aren’t even considering charges or holding the clerk? That’s because the cops here aren’t stupid and at least care a little bit for defense of property, life and the life of others by gun owners who are being robbed.

Orlando International Airport considers telling the TSA to GTFO. That would be pretty awesome if it happened. So it won’t.

Speaking of the TSA, I propose this be made the Department’s theme song.

That’s it. Enjoy hump day.