Its Valentine’s Day in Glibertopia. That means…well, what exactly does that mean to each of you?  It means for me to tell Banjos that I love her very much and that I’m so happy she’s my wife and has given me three wonderful children.  What does it mean to the rest of you? (Hint: here’s the chance to tell someone how much you love them and perhaps give the site a few extra hits when you tell them to take a look.) 

That red font is a little too much for me, so the opening is abbreviated.  Besides, I wanted to talk about the 4-0 thrashing Man City put on Basel in the Champions League yesterday.  My, what a fortunate draw that was. Elsewhere, Spurs drew Juventus 2-2 in Woplandia. The two away goals are looking pretty good, but they can’t afford to rest, as Juve will look for the outright win in the second leg.

Back in America, land of the free and home of the brave, Kansas won and Texas Tech beat Oklahoma, who are in a freefall, aTm lost to Mizzou, Rhode Island, Michigan State, Tennessee and the top ranked team in the country Virginia Cavaliers beat Miami.

Psychotic bitch and media heartthrob, Kim

In Olympic hockey, the Japs beat the Koreans, which probably means that death stare the lovely diplomat Ms Kim gave the losers came with a message (although she is so lovely, isn’t she? Why, Lester Holt was fapping to her all night.). Actually, I can’t back that up. Are the Korean men using Norks as well, or is that just the women?  Either way, you can bet your ass there’s a family of Norks being tortured or murdered by that woman’s brother and she couldn’t possibly care less.  And neither could the idiots at NBC. The USA takes on Canada tonight, which will actually be tomorrow there. I think.  Which means our Asian contingent can tell us who won shortly.  IS that right? I’m not too sure. Either way, U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A!

Oh yeah, there was some big time hockey played on this side of the Pacific too.  A dozen games at that!  The winners were: Boston, Buffalo, Columbus, New Jersey, Pittsburgh, Carolina, Detroit, Nashville, The Winnipeg J-E-T-S, Phoenix, Army (over the hapless Blackhawks) and the MINNESOOOOODA WIIIIIIIIIILD! Congratulations to the winners.

I WANT YOU (to stop being such partisan assholes)!

OK, ready for the news? Here’s what I dredged up for…the links!

Looks like Bill Murray is announcing his retirement from acting. But at least when he dies, on his deathbed, he will receive total consciousness. So he’s got that going for himself. Which is nice.

I’ve got a question: why in the ever-loving fuck is this an issue? I’m reminded of the South Park flag episode where everybody is trying to signal their absolute lack of racism while the kids are completely oblivious to the races of anybody involved.  Also, we’re not anywhere near Halloween, so this should be doubly unnecessary for at least 8 months.

Christ, what an asshole. At least break into someone’s home up there while they’re out losing a Super Bowl, not at a wake you prick.

Talk about luck! After all, its California. If the thing had ended up being endangered, the state would have sued the shit out of the kid for destroying its natural habitat and effectively killing it.

I swear to tell the truth, the wh-…well some of it anyway. I’m with the FBI, I can get away with that.

Wray says … nothing of substance … in Senate panel inquiry. At least he acknowledged that its the President’s prerogative to declassify stupid shit that has no business being classified in the first place.

Face charges? Hell, he’ll probably get a medal. Seriously, in what civilized world is doing a PIT maneuver on a minivan full of people doing 100 mph ever considered a good idea?  Especially a minivan full of kids.  This is wrong on so many levels its ridiculous.

Gymnast (((Aly Raisman))) is tired of being objectified. And this is her way of fighting it? Well, I and the rest of America wholeheartedly approve.  You go girl!  Show those men you aren’t a piece of meat. In fact, you should get a couple of your teammates from 2016 and do it together.  You know, for empowerment and shit.

This most definitely is not advice for (((Ms Raisman)))

Have a great Valentine’s Day, friends. Go get a little.