Good lord, this has been an exhausting week.  But its gonna end on a high note, as I’ll hopefully be playing golf in the 70s (temp and score) by the early afternoon. And I’ll be drinking a beer every third hole. That’s the plan anyway.  I hope it comes to pass, as I just got another auction signed up that will start taking a lot of my time starting Monday.  Which reminds me: Dallas Glibs, reach out to me and let’s get together one night this next week. The sale is up there and I’ll be in a hotel from Monday-Thursday.  Not sure where, but probably the Galleria area.  I’d definitely be up for a beer or two while in town.

Hey, I guess I was wrong about Arsenal. Wenger will live to coach another week at least. Still, all eyes are on Manchester, where the countdown to the HUGE match between the Red Devils and Liverpool is less than 24 hours away.  And in other sports news, UVA crushed Louisville, and the world rejoiced.  Duke won, and the world wept. Ditto UNC. Kansas is getting their shit together. The Texas Tech Red Raiders got a big win over Texas University. And Villanova and Xavier are on a collision course in the Big East.

Meanwhile, on the ice, a whopping 12 games played yesterday.  Winners were: Boston, Winnepeg, Columbus, Buffalo, Army/Vegas, Tampa Bay, Nashville, Carolina, Florida, Edmonton, Los Angeles and San Jose. The MINNESOOOOOOOOOOODA WIIIIIIIIIIILD were off.

Today we celebrate the birthday of Amerigo Vespucci, without whom the entirety of North America might still be a continent of savagery, brutal buffalo hunting and some pretty cool alternative medicine. Sharing the birthday with America is Vyacheslav Molotov, whose cocktails have been keeping revolutionaries and terrorists drunk with excitement for a hundred years or more. Also, Mickey Spillane, Ornette Coleman (for the jazz fans), Yuri Gagarin (for you Space Nuts), chess player Bobby Fischer, house guest Kato Kaelin, hottie Linda Fiorentina, steroid aficionado Brian Bosworth, and supermodel Yamila Diaz.  Happy Birthday, you crazy kids.

Is that part of the installment working?  Shall I keep it or drop it from the rotation? Anybody suggesting I replace the sports with it will get the cat-ass, so don’t bother (UCS). Anyway, that’s the salad. Now get ready for the steak. And by steak, I mean…the links!

The whole thing is worth it if for no other reason than the terrible photoshops

Then quit, you crazy bitch. I mean…Christ, what an asshole.

Diplomacy: Trump style. I do like the fact that he’s clearly said that sanctions will stay in place until an agreement is reached.  I just hope he doesn’t fall prey to the same mistake every President before him for a few decades has fallen for and give away a bunch of free shit only for the Kim regime to renege on every one of the terms they agreed to.  Only time will tell if this bears fruit, but its interesting nonetheless.

Quantas Airlines takes retardation to the corporate level. Seriously, read the guidelines they put in place…and check the itinerary for your next trip down under and ensure you fly another carrier. Because if this is their way of thinking on human interactions, I have to wonder if they make equally stupid decisions regarding maintenance. (And yes, I know their record has been exemplary to this point. But that’s when they allowed their employees to interact with customers and coworkers as normal human beings would.)

Punishment for rude kids who can’t read good and stuff

In Chicago communities ravaged by “gun violence”, students are hoping Parkland will lead to change are ignoring the root problem and seek to blame everything on inanimate objects rather than the disintegrating family unit, shitty schools, an unresponsive government and most importantly, the individuals carrying out the violent acts. Good luck, dumbasses. Just because you live in a community rife with violence and have cops that are above the law, don’t think you’re gonna get my guns.

I like this lady’s way of thinking. Although I think those kids need a lesson in grammar as well as manners.  Also, is 7km a long walk? Speak American, dammit!

I hope this prick gets tossed in jail for the rest of his life. I mean, he maintained his lie for several years in sworn statements. But if you’ll notice, many of his peers are calling any action against him wrong-headed.  At least take his pension away and let his victims sue him for every penny he has.  That would be a start.

Enjoy some fine sampling.

Have a great day and a great weekend, friends!