Ten games on the ice yesterday.  Tampa Bay outlasted the Islanders. The Panthers topped the Rangers.  Bloe Jackets blanked the Panthers. Hurricanes dumped the woeful Coyotes. Caps beat the Dead Wings. Oilers greased the Senators. Maple Leafs drilled the Predators. Canucks beat the Crackhawks. San Jose beat Army/Vegas. and The Kangz annihilated the Avalanche. Well done, all.  But when are the MINNESOOOOOOOODA WIIIIIIIILD playing again, dammit?

OK, now to basketball. This shit is getting out of hand.  Loyola-Illinois won again too advance to the Final 8. They held off a furious Nevada rally to close the game out and advance as an 11 seed.  Joining them were Michigan, the lone higher seed to win yesterday who thumped aTm, Kansas State, a 9-seed who dumped blue-blood Kentucky, and Brett L’s very own 9-seed Florida State Seminoles. who took the perennial media darling Gonzaga behind the woodshed. So we have two 9’s and an 11 in the Final (I won’t call it “Elite” because that has always sounded stupid and was designed to sell more shit) 8. The only high seed remaining in the other sessions tonight is Syracuse. And I know I’ll be praying for them to take out that rat-faced cretin and his Dookies.  Why? If you have to ask then you will never understand.

Happy Birthday, you badass, Nazi-killing machine

Texas native Joan Crawford was born on this day. As was the genius Akira Kurosawa. rocket scientist Werner von Braun, crackshot Vasily Zaitsev, mother of a Monkee and savior of typists everywhere Bette Nesmith Graham, the fleet-footed Roger Bannister (who recently died), recently-fired-while-taking-a-dump Rex Tillerson, singer Chaka Khan, fat annoying guy Louie Anderson, cager Moses Malone, “brilliant” “actor” Richard Greico, professional troll Perez Hilton and superstar runner Mo Farah. There were others, but I realized the list was getting long.

That’s it for trivia and sports. Now its time for…the links!

She’s a keeper! You’ll never guess what state she’s from.

You want to know how you end up with “Trail Of Tears II: Electric Boogaloo”?  Try pulling some shit like this on me. Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with the court system? Fortunately it looks like its being reversed by the Indian court, but that doesn’t mean the idiots at Miami-Dade don’t have some serious-ass questions to answer.

His reasons remain a mystery

Murder and hostage situation developing in France.  According to CNN and MSNBC, the motive of the attacker may never be known.

House Committee looking into collusion claims all but accuses James Clapper of committing perjury. Also find no collision between Trump campaign and Russian government but found a systemic effort to stymie Trump officials from effectively transitioning.  CNN had a steaming hot take on it, even calling in the aforementioned Clapper to give his opinion while never noting that he was directly called out for misleading statements under oath. But I’m sure that was in the original story and just got edited for brevity.

The Senate passed possibly the worst spending bill it could have even considered. Thanks a lot, assholes.

Worse than crackheads

A pot calls a kettle black.

And finally, in case any of you were considering picking up a meth habit, look at these photos before you pick up that pipe. Is that how meth is done anyway? Or is it snorted? For some reason I assumed it was smoked like crack. Huh, I’m sure somebody will explain it to me in the comments.

Here you go.

Have a great Friday and a better weekend, friends.