Random thoughts from the Sunshine State.

March in Del Boca Vista is…bland. It’s just…pleasant. It’s not horrible, it’s not great. It’s just unremarkable.

Day after day, the same weather, the same activities, the same people. Which, according to OMWC’s (((Mom))), is just the way they like it. (The only mystery around here is how such a lovely lady could have spawned OMWC.)

OK, Webdominatrix is enjoying the lack of snow. I am enjoying the lack of Chicagoland traffuck.

Whenever I come to DBV, I am struck by the fact that nearly everyone I see is an oldster. The grocery stores are filled with elderly people in motorized carts blocking the aisles. The parking lots are filled with giant cars with NY Giants bumper stickers. The restaurants are filled with senior citizens enjoying the ubiquitous Early Bird Discounts. The swimming pools are filled with…well, I’ll let your imagination be your guide there. Let’s just say, tattoos are generally not attractive on 85 year old bodies.

There is nothing wrong with free association, but it pulls me up short when I realize I’ve gone days without seeing anyone under 70 who isn’t a server or health care aide.

Much as I love my MIL, I’ll be happy to get back to the nonstop excitement of living with OMWC.