Well, after a day of sheer hell at work yesterday, I get to face yet another today. I had to miss the superb wine post of Pie’s, HM’s evisceration of noted public intellectual Stephen Pinker, and rest of the general merriment. But dammit, NOTHING is going to prevent me from haunting you with Links this morning. And I avoided any bad-pun references to the Ides of March, so you can thank me for that.

And there are some interesting events. People are making a very big deal out of the ultra-thin victory by Team Blue in a purported Team Red area (that, ahem, went big for Obama in 2012). It was delightful to hear the pissing and moaning on Hate Radio, with most of the blame being directed at… the Libertarian candidate, who apparently stole votes that were rightfully Team Red’s. Memo to Team Red: if you want libertarian votes, run candidates who aren’t horrible on liberty. And let me introduce you to a libertarian friend of mine in the area, at whom you can try to hurl invective. It will be most amusing to watch Warty quietly, calmly, and effortlessly snap you in half.

It’s tough to be a Roof.

Oklahoma reacts to disincentives and decides to kill prisoners using the same methods garages use to rip off customers who don’t understand the Ideal Gas Law. I have a more novel suggestion if the state insists on having a death penalty: dress the prisoner like a dog and let him loose near some cops.

More plastic panic as “researchers” find exactly what was expected. There’s been a growing wave of Media Reports of High Concern about how plastics are destroying the planet, the ecosystem, human health, and our American Way of Life. I swear I’m going to try to get the time to do a real article about this (it was a research specialty of mine and I’ve actually got a string of peer-reviewed papers and grants on the subject), but I’ll slip the conclusion ahead of time: as the global warning thing shows evidence of petering out, this will be the next political abuse of science to panic the public and be a theme for aspiring Team Blue politicos.

Someone shows poor Judge-ment.

Old Guy Music, as if you didn’t expect it. A rather libertarian song from someone who very decidedly isn’t.