My family and I had a wonderful time meeting SP and Webdominatrix last night. My wife and I drank a lot of wine. A lot. Enough that I was avoiding teachers at the daycare drop-off after showering and brushing my teeth because I was worried it was coming out my pores. They also brought a Romanian wine recommended by Pie in the Sky in one of his articles. It did not disappoint. So, all that said, I’m moving a little bit slowly. But last night really brought home that there’s a community a’building here, and I’m grateful for it.

Not too shabby

Beloved commentor P Brooks thought this should be in the links today, so gets it. This young survivor of the Parkland shooting is having a hard time getting the same attention as his classmates, two guesses why.

Tesla stopped their Model 3 production to increase productivity. Like Jayne Cobb says, “ten percent of nothin’, carry the nothin’, we got nothin’!”

Amazon can start drone delivering things? Time to start my AI pilot bot project and get my kids certified to fly them.

3D Printed houses — I’m guessing there are some doubts about structural integrity over time if they’re shipping the first batch to El Salvador after showing them off at SXSW. I liked it better 20 years ago when you could stay in town for spring break and see a shitton of cool music acts.

And speaking of Austin, it looks like someone is trying their Unibomber schtick. I hope he drops the next one on his lap and blows his junk off.


I didn’t even think Duane Allman and Aretha could fix this song.