Only a neutral can do the links today!


As the resident embodiment of Neutrality, I am calling for a truce this afternoon, in World War G. We have already had the ultimate threat issued by SP…


The Site


So we had best smarten up for a bit. The best way to do that is Links. Links of Neutrality. And I am just the one to deliver them!

  • Testing…Testing…1,2,3. Well, not anymore. At least for now.
  • Next time anyone tells you we need to be more like Europe. Have them read this, and then say – “ready to go to prison for saying bad things about Donny from Queens?”
  • Nobody expects the brutal inquisition! But we can all agree this is an awful story.
  • Paging SugarFree, SugarFree to the author courtesy phone. Hat and Hair material abounds.


So, it is either back to the war…or