“Here’s your cookies. Can I come in and pet the puppy now?”

SP and Webdominatrix are on a road trip to visit my mother in Del Boca Vista. This leaves me all alone here, and, rascal that I am, hijinx are ensuing. While they spent last night drinking with SugarFree as he spun yarns of horror, I was taking more direct action.

Anyway, enough about us, let’s look at what’s going on in the world.


Does this sound familiar?  Brave officers of the law wait outside, while inside a killer does his thing. But all of our heroes in blue got home safely, so that’s the important thing. This, of course, could not have actually happened in California, because they have gun laws which should be a model for the rest of us. And “Wong” does not sound like the name of a young white male, and we all know they’re the only ones who do this shit.


I suspect that not many here need convincing that any politician named Kennedy is presumably a boneheaded drunk who is a danger to any women nearby. But Joe Kennedy III may have won the prize, showing that Team Blue icons don’t even bother pretending any more. They are statist thugs, through and through, who are happy to put people in cages for offending their own set of preferences.

Recalling his days working as a state prosecutor when Massachusetts voted in 2008 to decriminalize marijuana, Kennedy said the decision affected the ability of police officers to search and seize other illegal items, such as guns, from vehicles. “If you smelled [marijuana] in a car, you could search a car,” Kennedy said. “When it became decriminalized, you couldn’t do that.”

My suggestion to young Joe is to take a convertible ride through Dealy Plaza. Nice and slowly.


WTF are the Browns doing? Trying to win a game next year???


I remember that this was a big story when I was a teenager, but it was a guy on LSD, which was the Panic Drug at the time. Turned out to be an urban legend. So I’m kinda skeptical that this one is real.

Katy Tompkins, mother to Kaylee and six other kids, said she supposes Kaylee first began utilized meth inadvertently a year ago, when somebody gave her cannabis bound with the medication.

So we get a Drug Panic Two-Fer.


I read the Kurt Vonnegut book. This did not end well. Busy, busy, busy!


Old Guy Music! This is not only funny, it is some fucking terrific guitar playing.