Day Two of my Bachelor Life. The house is a mess, dirty laundry is piled up, and sammiches are unmade. Oh, and I have an unrequited boner. By the time SP gets back, this place will look like Fred Sanford’s yard and my balls will be the color of a giraffe’s tongue. No matter, I shoved the wreckage from my last six meals onto the floor so I could get to my laptop and post links.

The Most Libertarian President Ever says that he doesn’t want to put drug dealers in cages like his predecessors did. The crowd responds lovingly.

But on Saturday his call for executing drug dealers got some of the most enthusiastic cheers of the night. As Trump spoke about policies on the issue in China and Singapore, dozens of people nodded their heads in agreement. “We love Trump,” one man yelled. A woman shouted: “Pass it!”

In the famous words of The New Yorker, “Christ, what an asshole.”


Kamala Harris does her best to assure Jews that she’s not like Danny Davis, Al Sharpton, Keith Ellison, and Jesse Jackson.  And that she can transparently pander to donors with the best of them.

“As a child, I never sold Girl Scout cookies, I went around with a Jewish National Fund box collecting funds to plant trees in Israel.”

Sure, Kammy, sure you did. I’d rather have the Thin Mints.


Do not fuck with Katy Perry. Just… don’t. It won’t be healthy for you, know what I mean?


Continuing yesterday’s man-pig theme, there’s this story out of Argentina.

The deformed animal was spotted next to its mother after she gave birth to eight piglets in the area of Santo Domingo in Santiago del Estero Province. But it died a few hours after birth when it had trouble breathing on March 7.

Its deformities are believed to be caused by pesticides and GM crops.


Q Joins The Marines. But here’s the bad news (emphasis mine):

The new website contains 267 of the images, which are too explicit to share, and appears to involve women from all branches of the military.


And as part of The Glibertarians’ commitment to public service, here’s News You Can Use.


Old Guy Music! And I’ll simply say that if more Country & Western music were like this, we’d be living in a far better world. This is raw, genuine, unadorned, and… real.