You may have been able to tell that the Glibs staff all got pretty shitfaced yesterday and were a bit neglectful. But today is a different day and I’m proudly wearing my “12 Hours Sober” badge. That may or may not last. OK, it won’t, but let me pretend for at least a few hours.


This is how libertarians are created.

In accordance with the Safe Schools Initiative, the Zero Tolerance For Guns Act, P.L. 1995 and its companion C.128 and the Lacey Township School Board’s Zero Tolerance Policy, any student who is reported to be in possession of a weapon of any type for any reason or purpose whether on or off school grounds during the academic year shall be disciplined as follows…


I guess I don’t see the problem here. But I wouldn’t, would I. Here’s a related story, so to speak.

‘I like my Starbucks like I like my women: short, thick and white,” Sammy recalled.


Danny Davis is still trying to thread the needle. His dancing is a wonder to behold. Bonus: pic of that nutbag Florida congresschimp who wears designer cowboy hats.


It still absolutely cracks me up to see so-called liberals rushing to defend the honor and integrity of our corrupt National Police Force and its various jackboots.  I swear, if Trump condemned child torture, the TDS crowd would reflexively defend it. I am sincerely puzzled- there’s so much real shit about the Trump administration to criticize, and yet they grab onto this.


This is a bit strange. OK, more than a bit. I will never understand Afghan psychology, no matter how many bombs we drop.


Keep it classy, Progressives! (In this case, of the South African variety, taking some time off from land confiscation)


Old Guy Music! SP and I saw John Hiatt a year or two ago in a two-man show with Lyle Lovett. It was delightful, but he didn’t play my favorite song of his. I am here to rectify this oversight.