I delayed having raclette, to bring you links!

So, SEA SMITH went AWOL on link duty…Well, I am back from my mini-vacation to bring some ORDER to the Links. We will have links, with actual links in them. And they will work:

  • I take grave personal offense at the choice of store this group of banditti attacked! But the mood was lightened by reading “Detectives from the Flying Squad and police in Westminster continue to investigate.” As a Monty Python fan, all I could think of was Inspector Thompson’s Gazelle of the Programme Planning Police, Light Entertainment Division, Special Flying Squad.
  • Attention, Rick and Morty fans. If you are in the LA area in October…check this out.
  • Florida Woman… Cop. Well, not a cop now.
  • Standing athwart energy exports and progress and shouting “¡No!”

OK, now all is right with the Glibs.