I got Bella on 3/4/17. My oldest granddaughter wanted a puppy, and we were looking for a new dog anyway, so I saw this:

And I got one. And now she’s about 14 months old. So this is our anniversary. On to Destruction!

A few shirts:t

She is much better about what she chews, but she is That Which Chews. So I buy $5 worth of rope a week for us to play with, and for her to tear up.

Here’s my hardwood ukulele stand that I found in my bed one morning:

I wake at 5 AM and she wakes at 5:15, ready to play, and if I don’t play, she flips out and starts throwing her toys about and hilarity ensues. I end up doing some hardcore upper body exercise that I certainly don’t need, but I guess she does. My dog follows my every move. She watches me. She knows when I’m going to work, and hides out ’til I get back. She greets me with great fanfare, yet waits until I have all my work shit off before she comes for love. And she gets lots!

She knows she can clear the porch wall and do anything she wants, but she sits and waits for my signal. That’s a good pup, IMO.

Bella is finishing out at about 30 pounds, a mid-weight cruiser dog, and damn, what a good dog!

She loves porter and a good stout and meat! Just like a good hum–I mean dog does….

Am I hopelessly in love with my dog? You betcha!

Music both you and your dog can appreciate:



Pet your dog. Give ’em a treat. Bella says, “Arf!”

Kittah says, “ROUNNN! Leave me be!”