The Ides of March they are upon you/All the live long day. If you belong to a certain college fandom, that will be rattling around in your head if it wasn’t already. Otherwise, it’s just a Thursday that feels like Friday to me because holy hell does it take a lot of energy to pretend to have things to do.  I am in the waiting stage of a project, and a little like a smart dog left at home too long. I’m about to start tearing shit up out of boredom. That’s not great. Also, some sportzball thing is happening — sorry Sooners fans. Missed it by that much. So onto the links

More collusion between the Trump administration and Russia. This time the administration is attempting to throw the Gnostics off the truth by apply sanctions! Don’t fall for it, Sheeple!

I hope he was eye-blinking SOS through this whole interview. H/T SF

Conclusive video footage of that brave SRO standing around attempting to draw fire by not seeking better cover. “Investigators revealed Peterson’s focus was on getting nearby streets and the high school shut down and keeping deputies away from the building.” Were a crowd to descend on his home and burn it down with him inside it, I’d have a hard time convicting them of anything worse than burning trash without a permit.

Cue Dennis Hopper speech from True Romance: “Your great-great-great-grandmother f’d a Denisovan. In fact, Denisovans did so much f’ing with Mongolian women that they changed the whole bloodline.”

Holy shit, this is horrific. A footbridge installed last weekend collapsed in Miami. It looks flat and there are people under there.

This has nothing to do with anything, but the song came up earlier offline and I feel like sharing some guitar.