What’s up, hosers? I just found out its supposed to snow next week while I’m in Dearborn. That’s a whole fucking pile of fail. But it will make my kids happy if we can FaceTime some snowflakes. (No jokes about going down to the local college!) My wife started Spring Break last night after taking a test this morning. She’s got a happy hour with her PT assistant class friends. She Ubered up, so I expect her to come home pretty well lit. I have to pick the kids up, so I can’t start really catching up until after that.

This guy is the epitome of Boston for me.

Look at people shaming the Texas bus driver for trying to stay alert.

You know what I want to give a company with a reputation for poor corporate citizenship? Time and location of all my medical appointments. But not to worry, its B2B so it will really be your insurance company giving that information away.

Ladies and gentleman, these are the people who think they are qualified to run the economy. Look at the chart. These guys are getting 7.5% annually over the last decade. About what the S&P has returned. Smarter than the market my ass.

Did Dark Matter affect the early universe? I remain a skeptic of anything that can only be inferred and not measured.

Some days you just need a stylophone solo.