Thursday is here, and we’re just two days away from that big clash at near the top of the EPL.  But first, let’s all acknowledge Man City for joining Liverpool in the UCL quarterfinals. And let’s point and laugh at Spurs for getting knocked out yesterday. The JV tournament games are today, with Arsenal attempting to stop the embarrassing level of play against AC Milan. Good luck, Wenger. Lose this and you probably ought to just go away tomorrow.

“Jeez, a soccer update right out of the gate” you say?  Don’t worry. There’s more to the sports world. Carolina and Louisville managed to win, Oklahoma continued to play like absolute shit and fell, in my opinion, out of the NCAA tournament for good after losing to Okie State.  Bucknell punched its ticket to the dance. And Va Tech continued its schizo ways by falling to Notre Dame, and BC knocked off NC State.  Much more drama today on the hardcourt.

Only three games on tap in the NHL, with Calgary thumping the Sabres, the Penguins doing the same to cross-state rival Philly. And the Phoenix Coyotes knocking off the Vancouver Canucks.  Suck on that, Canada.

Its not every day we get to celebrate the birthday of a man whose work led to help so many people. But today we celebrate the birthday of Karl Ferdinand von Graefe, who is largely credited as the father of plastic surgery.  And yes, that means he helped usher in big, ol fake titties. But by “help”, I’m actually referring to the corrective surgeries he helped create like correcting cleft palates, reconstructing other facial deformities and other plastic surgeries that have helped countless people live a more normal life who were largely shunned prior to the developments Graefe helped usher in.  Sharing that birthday is the “eminent” jurist and asshole hater of the 1A, Oliver Wendell Holmes. Also born on this day were Alan Hale, the skipper from Gilligan’s Island, Mickey Dolenz from the Monkees, the lovely Kathy Ireland, American treasure James Van Der Beek, Hines Ward and a certain writer who we are not supposed to talk about who used to write for a certain website.  Happy Birthday, Lucy Steigerwald.

Man, the pre-links news is starting to spiral out of control.  But its good to find out a little trivial information before we step into…the links!

This is a giant pile of big mistakes. Sent two the wrong address…of a meth dealer…totally unprepared. I am already prepared to see calls for more police militarization and a ramping up of the drug war in the wake of this fiasco.

Obviously the biggest story of the day will be that the incoming Trump administration had meetings to set up backchannel communications with a foreign government after he had been elected but before the inauguration. How dare they try to set up communications with a nation the prior admin had been completely hostile to, free from the prying eyes of the outgoing team’s surveillance and outside the “normal protocols” where the outgoing crew took every meeting they were privy to and leaked its contents in the most damaging way possible to your administration.

Nah, let’s blame Trump instead!

Boo fucking Hoo. I sure hope Nancy Pelosi and crew sell this to the American public as Trump’s war on the middle class at the expense of the rich.  Because if they do, it will end up with another tax cut on the table just to piss them off. Or maybe it will result in taxpayers from states with huge income taxes, like California’s, will start asking questions about why they pay so much in tax to feed the retirement programs of state unions who let employees pad their salaries in the waning years in order to retire with more money a year than they ever actually earned through their base pay.  Either way, its a losing argument I can’t wait for them to make.

In Chicago, the mayor will be forced to give a sworn deposition in the police shooting and killing of a man holding a baseball bat and an innocent bystander. The city had persistently resisted the depositions for some unknown reason, but now Hizzoner Rahm Emmanuel and police Superintendent Eddie Johnson will be put under oath.

Captain Stabby was well known to cops

Maybe instead of trying to disarm people like you and me, the cops ought to focus their energies on nut jobs like this guy. Nah. That would mean doing their job, which is way too tough.

Looks like the Women’s March has got some ‘splainin to do. LOL, JK. They’ll get a pass on their relationship and adulation of the horrible racist because his views aren’t that mainstream.  And because there is much more dangerous rhetoric coming from the  racist right, who is becoming more mainstream.*

*David Duke, known racist, has 47,000 twitter followers. Farrakhan has 480,000. But its the right whose “racism” is more dangerous and mainstream, right NYT?

I love it when gun control advocates say how much safer people are in countries with strict gun control. Well I’ve got news for them: this is also what happens when innocent people are forced to live in a nation with corrupt police and strict gun control. I can assure you the cartel members that did this would be thinking twice if they weren’t sure every person they tried to intimidate and terrorize was unarmed.

Sorry to end on such a downer. Let’s see if this lovely song makes up for it at all.

Now get out there and seize the day!