Happy Pi Day fellow Glibs. At Akira’s suggestion I made a shoofly pie based on the NYT recipe, shamelessly stolen from an 1860s Amish family cookbook (cultural appropriation at it’s flakiest and sweetest). It was delightful and my coworkers have been gently brought back under my control except the one doctor that grokked I was just trying to get them all fat. The Verge is already in before you start grousing about Tau Day, so don’t, not that it’ll stop you since it’s like herding cats below the fold.

Breitbart reports having pictures of Hawking’s last moments on Earth

The Chinese reporter’s eye-roll that turned a fawning question into an unmissable TV moment. Better than Kim K’s derriere doing it, I suppose. Aww bummer:

But hours later, Liang’s media accreditation to cover the NPC was revoked, according to one of her colleagues.

By Tuesday night, her personal Weibo page had been taken down and search results of her name on the social media platform were censored.

Duterte to withdraw Philippines from ICC after “outrageous attacks.” File this under shit got too real:

The decision marks a stunning about-face by Duterte, who has repeatedly dared the ICC to indict him and said he was willing to “rot in jail” or go on trial to defend a war on drugs that has killed thousands of his own people. […]

Last month, he indicated he would cooperate with the ICC examination and even said he would prefer a firing squad to prison.

Meet the students of Saudi Arabia’s first driving school for women. Saudi Arabia is stepping into the 20th Century. It reminds me of this possibly apocryphal story about women drivers and the House of Saud.

Like the other instructors, Dr. Deema Alsekait has a driver’s license from living abroad. Hers is from the state of Virginia. Saudi leaders lifted the driving ban in part to boost women’s participation in the workforce as the economy diversifies away from oil.

We’ve been made aware of the commentariat’s…appreciation for tits, and wish to include this gift of tits for you as a value-added perk to Afternoon Links