Yay, its Wednesday!!! That means…shit, that means nothing. Its just another day. Well, today anyway, not historically. This date was a historical nightmare for the Europeans, seeing as it was the day the Reichstag gave Hitler absolute power and was also the day Franco captured Madrid to end the Spanish Civil War.  Not to mention it was the birthday for hipsters’ favorite brewer, Frederick Pabst, Simpson’s theme-writer Alf Clausen, underhand-freethrow-shooter Rick Barry, Filipino strongman Rodrigo Duterte, Salt (of Salt-n-Pepa), noted libertarian Vince Vaughn, and post-deserting piece of shit Bowe Bergdahl.

Oh yeah, some sporting stuff happened yesterday. In International tune ups, the Frogs went through Russia better than Napoleon did. The Suisse split Panama in two. Brazil got a little revenge over the Krauts (although its little solace after the blitzkrieg the Germans put on them at home 4 years ago). The Limeys drew the Cops. And the Spanish ran roughshod over Argentina in what has to feel worse for the South Americans than the Peron years.

On the ice, the Devils, Islanders, Dead Wings, Blues, J-E-T-S, Blue Jackets, Canucks, Stars and Predators (over the MINNESOOOOODA WIIIIIILD) were your winners as the playoffs inch ever closer. In those races, the Panthers, Devils and Flyers are fighting for the two spots in the Wales Conference. While the Campbell is pretty much a four team scramble between the Kings, Blues, Ducks and Avalanche for the final 3 spots (with a little goofiness thrown in depending on divisional placement). Only 5-7 games to go, guys! Then the real fun begins.

Did you get all that?  I hope so, because I’m already moving on to…the links!

Bring it on, vegans!

Toronto restauranteur doing God’s work. Not only is he helping cull the population of hate birds, the birds that hate, but he’s riling up the militant vegan dickbags who are trying to shut him down.  Looks like he’s figured out that all you have to do is get their heart rate above 120 for five minutes and they’ll be forced to retire from lack of energy.

Facebook stock continues its rapid slide as Zuckerberg “agrees” to testify before Congress. I, for one, hope it continues to drop as their self-righteous bullshit is finally exposed for what it is: a scheme to mine personal data for profit. And to be clear, I’m all for what they’re doing in that respect. But they’re passing themselves off as some wholesome guardian of liberty (they’re selective in who they block) and a check against tyranny (ask some Chinese FB users if that’s true) rather than the naked capitalists they are (and should be proud of). And that’s some pretty weak shit.

Ain’t that some shit?

I haven’t seen such shit come out of the Dodgers dugout since the first two innings of game 7 of last year’s World Series. Yeah, I said it. Whatchagonna do? THE ASTROS ARE WORLD CHAMPS and I compared a sewage leak to the Dodgers WS finale performance.

Way to go, Stanford!!!!! No, seriously. This is about the best news imaginable.

Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, Senator.

There’s a pair of interesting twists to this story of a (D) Massachusetts politician getting blitzed and driving (most of the way) home.. 1: He actually got a ticket even after he told the cop he was one of the King’s men. and 2: he isn’t related to the Kennedy clan.  Which, now that I think about it, if he was a Kennedy, then 1 never would have happened. Not even if he had literally drove off a bridge and left a dead chick in his car.

Good! A man has a right to defend his property.  I hope this is the last we hear of this episode.

The video this person made makes no fucking sense whatsoever!!!!! But the song is still awesome.

Have a great day out there.