Happy Friday the 13th. Hopefully you’re old enough to know that God’s own shit chute can point at you on any day and date confluence, but I don’t know how those guys in the Cishetero Disaster Timezone do it. In sports, now that the hockey season has started, Bolts, Bruins and Predators all put up 5 in wins. The BJs needed all 4 to beat Washington, and the Sharks beat the Ducks. No pushing and standing around happened in baseball last night. The BoSox are just tearing it up, as are the Angels. Looks like all the Dodger bandwagonners won’t have too far to go when they jump off. And now… the links!

First off, the person to climb the body of the youth hockey team injured and killed in a terrible accident has been found. Tip of the toque to beloved contributor Gordilocks

Science proves communism makes nations poorer and less healthy. Send this to your IFLS commie friends.

CNN is suddenly very concerned about President Trump’s accusers being silenced. Huge turnaround from the Clinton years where they were obsessed with silencing the President’s accusers.

More science: Just one drink a day could shorten your life. Which is why I drink at least two. Also, in a discovery that will shock absolutely no one who has been a part of the restaurant industry, Food Preparation and Serving have the highest incidence of marijuana use.

Triskaidekaphobia you say?