We made it! Some of us are smaller than we started, others are bigger, others just hung out and gave support. It’s time to celebrate!!!



As for me, I had a good February, a bad March, and a good April. Next challenge, I’m ready to set a true weight goal and possibly a strength goal.

Starting in a few weeks, ALeapAtTheWheel will take over for GlibFit challenge #2, another 10 week challenge with new goals and new material!

Hello Glibs,

We will be taking a 4 week hiatus from GlibFit, and then will be returning with GlibFit 2.0, son of GlibFit.  I will be taking over for GlibFit 2.0. Do Not Adjust Your Set. GlibFit 2.0 will return at the Same Glib Time, Same Glib Channel.

Take a month to get fat and lazy, but be back here with your decoder rings ready.  We will have a special, secret message for every Junior Glib Ranger four weeks from today!