It’s really great having Sloopy back. I guess I have to find something besides SPORTZBALL to banter about now at the top. I did find out that the Florida opossum does not swim well. I looked out my window and saw something floating in the pool. Poor little guy. I fished him out set him in the dirt in case he was just playing ‘possum, but I think I’ll be bagging him up and tossing him in the trash later. There’s no direct overhang of limbs to the pool, so I can only guess that he overextended going for a drink of water and his mama never taught him to swim.

sourdough Texas waffle by SP

In DFW is the worst Texas metroplex news (Houston raised me sez), patrons show up 10 hours early to see Stormy Daniels strip. Now I don’t have much experience in the strip clubs of DFW, but I’ve been to some nice ones and some trashy ones in Houston and Austin, and the only way I’d show up 10 hours early to see that is if my wife was so MAGA she let me take $1000 cash to the strip club and go 10 hours early. Even then, you can only hold your buzz so long if you chug a flask in the parking lot. I hear.

I didn’t know there were gay porn moguls, but is it stereotyping to say I’m not surprised one is Jewish?

Hey guys, I’ll bet you’ll be surprised to find out that the sex-trafficking panic is based on a (false) myth! TW: Buzzfeed, so there are some weasel words and cultural reassurances that the researchers are still woke.

I’m sure you’re as shocked as I am to find that a common pesticide, known to be safe to humans by everyone who bothers to study it, is in our agricultural food supply!

Your afternoon song is so old it laments $5 beers in strip clubs.