Pittsburgh sent Philly packing. Nashville did the same to Colorado. Tampa dismissed New Jersey. The MINNESOOOOOOOOOODA WIIIIIIILD were tamed by Winnipeg. Vegas pounded the Kings. And the Sharks rolled the Ducks.  That leaves Washington with a 3-2 series lead over Columbus and Boston sitting the same against Toronto.  Enjoy those two wrapping as the winners get a chance to heal up before the second round. The NBA are also playing playoff games.  Enjoy them as well, if you dare.

Across the pond, the FA Cup final is set. Man United will face Chelsea. UCL Semifinals play the first leg this week. And Mo Salah, the King Of Egypt, was named PFA Player Of The Year.

I’ll finish the sports beat with an ESPN prediction that’s even more retarded than the shit they usually write. At a minimum, they have wildly overestimated the WNBA’s ability to draw more than a few hundred people a game.  I’ll let you read the rest.

Are we celebrating his birthday or death day?

William Shakespeare, English poet and playwright (according to some, thief of Marlowe according to others) was born on this date.  He died on it as well. As was William Penn. They share it with luminaries such as Vladimir Nabokov, Shirley Temple, Lee Majors, Sandra Dee, lards Michael Moore, the unfunny John Oliver, the lovely Joanna Krupa and rassler John Cena.  Happy Birthday to all of you.

That’s it, time for…the links!

So it turns out that the Waffle House shooter was obviously insane. And the feds know all of this and still let him go rather than have him committed when he decided to have an unscheduled meeting with Trump last year by scaling the White House fence.  That’s some good police work there, Lou.

Mama got a brand new bag!

Only in Chicago can the Circuit Court Clerk who has been under investigation for years based on her corruption, run for Mayor. Has she even paid off the right people to get to that point in her career?  I thought she was still in the doling-out-favors-for-campaign-cash stage.  Heh, maybe she’s collected enough scratch to buy a favor or two herself.  I don’t have my Chicago Political Calculator out yet, so I can’t do the math.

If you’ve got the money to pay for dog cancer surgery, I guess you won’t mind when you find out it wasn’t cancer after all. (On a slightly related note, we miss you Bernie.)

Christ, what an asshole. But don’t worry.  She’ll still get her full pension.

Girls will be boys and boys will be girls. Its a mixed up world…

Posted without comment because I was never involved in Cub Scouts or Boy Scouts. But I know quite a few of you were, so I thought it might interest you.

Kanye West speaks out on the benefits of diversity in the political opinions of minority communities.  And then promptly finds out how much the left really believes in diversity.

That’s all for me. I’m getting back on the road again for the rest of this week.  But I did get two nights in my own bed.  And I should be home for a few weeks straight after this trip. Yay!

Well anyway, it was good to be back for the links. Even if it was just this once. But I shall return…