I’ve spent this week on a business trip to New England, and am currently in the Colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, fittingly the longest state name among the 57 states for the runt of the litter. I have gotten some interesting history lessons from my associates here, the most amusing of which (to me) was the SJW attempt about 10 years ago to have the state renamed because it sounded racist. That attempt was a spectacular electoral failure, which increases my respect for Rhode Island’s denizens. It is especially ironic considering Roger Williams’s own life and history, which was as a strong advocate for the local casino-not-call-center Indians, enough so to arouse the ire of the nearby Massholes. Rhode Island today is apparently a Mafia colony, which explains why it has traditionally had the highest protection money taxes in the nation.

Anyway, I’ll spend my last hours here putting up links before returning home- and I hope that SP hasn’t spent her entire allowance on more Barbie stuff while I was gone. The babysitter is supposed to watch these things, but teenagers today seem to have lost much of their sense of responsibility.

Today in history is quite momentous. It is the anniversary of the founding of the Gestapo and of the Ehrfurt mass school shooting in Germany (which I am assured never happens in Europe because of common-sense gun laws). It is also the birthday of Sal “The Barber” Maglie, Bernard Malamud (my favorite Jew-writer), Rudolph Hess (everyone’s favorite Nazi), Ma Rainey (today’s featured image), and David Hume.

In today’s news…


TDS Of The Day. And some delightful irony tossed in.

The lawyer representing The Happiest Hour, Elizabeth Conway, argued that he was not discriminated against because only religious – not political – beliefs are protected under state and city discrimination law. “Supporting Trump is not a religion,” Conway argued.


Don’t fuck with Microsoft. Just… don’t.

Although restore disks are given to everyone who buys a computer with a licensed version of Windows (and can be downloaded for free), Microsoft decided to press criminal charges against Lundgren for distributing the disks, which he did to help people keep their computers running longer. Microsoft argued that this free-to-download software was worth $25 per disk, which the court accepted.


The New York Times never gets tired of running Rednecks In the Mist stories. Today’s delight examines the ubiquitous phenomenon of Waffle House, with a wonderfully wide-eyed contempt because they feature racism served six ways.


Ford will stop making and selling cars in the US. Except, apparently, the Mustang. Apparently, stupid rednecks who hate the Earth only want to drive pick-ups and muscle cars. We really do need more regulations to make sure that people’s freedom to choose does not include wrong choices.


Oh, those wacky Jews are at it again! This time, killing a fine family man who only wanted to improve life for his impoverished people.


OK, a weekday edition of Old Guy Music, this time from the days when Fleetwood Mac was actually an interesting band. The band I was in covered this song, so every time I hear it, my fingers start twitching in sympathetic memory.