Well, I do not lack for news today, which is a good thing because I spent most of yesterday at a consumer electronics trade show, stumbling around in a daze. The only thing that sustained me was a few stiff drinks and the amusement at both the number of companies peddling blatant snake-oil and the conversations among the dummies lapping it up. Sometimes, being a scientist is painful, especially when I realize that Bill Nye and IFSL are the main sources of public education. The positive side was that the other half of the convention center was occupied by some sort of dance contest for teenage girls. Many of the attendees of the trade show (99% male) are likely going to hell now. Anyway, news:

A wise fellow once observed that while history does not repeat itself, it often rhymes. Remember when Bill Clinton would heave a couple of cruise missiles into some remote shithole when he needed a distraction from a somewhat zealous special prosecutor? Pepperidge Farms remembers.

The Donald giveth, The Donald taketh away. When he does something right, all praise to him. Though one can question the motive here, the result is a good one from a libertarian perspective. Now I can only hope he decides that opioids aren’t a crisis nor a proper issue for government to deal with- which of course is as likely as Ellen Degeneres releasing her sex tape with Mr. T.

I’m so happy that with the massive financial and regulatory crises facing Illinois, our lawmakers are fearlessly and forthrightly attaching the important issues. Especially forty years after the fact. In other local news, the gay community has reason to celebrate.

Well, it was fun while it lasted. Now back to doing something useful, like digging tunnels.

Old Guy Music, and this one will bring down the wrath of Mossad on my (((head))). I discovered Leon Thomas when I was a teenager and was fascinated by the things he did with his voice. He talked about it as an African technique, but let’s call it what it really is- yodeling. Not the pitiful shit of a Slim Whitman, this is REAL yodeling of the sort that would make Swiss swoon. Here’s a song by the great Pharaoh Sanders featuring Thomas doing his thing.