I got a 4 day pass! And I’m going to go… to a 4 day board gaming CON with a bunch of other nerds. Hey, at least we have many gallons of primo beer.  What can I say, I am a 51 year old married with children, white collar worker, and living in the suburbs. I can barely remember being a 19 year old PFC on pay day.

So instead of tearing the town up…you get links.

Sports – some hockey series supposedly finished (giving false hope to certain East Coast fans). Basketball rolls on, and baseball trudges toward the warmer times.

Birthdays – William I, Prince of Orange (take that, Spaniards! 1533) Vincent de Paul (dude, your basketball program is a shambles! 1581) Robert Bailey Thomas (Farmer’s Almanac anyone? 1766) François Fournier (legendary Swiss post stamp forger. 1824) Philippe Pétain (Vichy!!! 1856) Benjamin Lee Whorf (shout out to HM. 1897) Justin Wilson (You go and add you a little un-yun. 1914) Richard M. Daley (1942) The Streisand Effect (1942) Omar Vizquel (1967) Kelly Clarkson (1982)


  • Hey, I know certain Tex-Mex fans that would have recommended the death penalty instead of what he got. I wonder if he will work in the kitchen in prison?
  • Say, speaking of Kelly Clarkson… the tabloids just loves them this “sex cult” story.
  • More wonders of socialist medicine. Shouldn’t we all just love and respect a system that has results like Alder Hey say it’s in Alfie’s ‘best interests’ to die and judges have also agreed.
  • Immigration crisis…in South America. Irony? Definitely tragedy.

Must. Reach. Front. Gate.