By Not Adahn

Last week I tried communicating the astral influences abstractly, allocating no alphabetic allegories to muddle the mystic meanings. I was accused of “phoning it in.” While I was initially angry at such Phillistinery, it occurs to me that perhaps not everyone is as connected to cosmic conditions as I am, otherwise you’d all be casting your charts yourselves. Perhaps music and gun reviews were too pointed of parables to perceived by the peanut gallery.

So I should say stuff simpler. I need a knack of knowing what to whisper into the inner ear of the lacking listener. What medium could there be that speaks so succinctly, that communicates so completely, so infinitely innately immediately understandable than interpretive dance?

This week we have an alignment of the prime light (Sol) with TWO retrograde planets (Jupiter and Mercury) all sorts of evil shit is going to happen in a desert place.

With the moon in Aquarius, we have two powerful water/femininity confluences resulting in enhancement of tides, the color blue, and zaftig burlesque dancers.

I’ve warned previously about the meaning of Saturn and Mars in Capricorn, but with the two planets coming into conjunction, you really should pay attention.

Jupiter retrograde in Scorpio, I really shouldn’t have to tell you what this means.

And, while this video really was more apropos when Venus was in conjunction, it still works as long as the Sun and Mercury retrograde are doing their thing in Aries.

And in continuing good news for our phallophillic glibs, Venus remains in Taurus.