Jefferson: He liked France, but he didn’t LOVE France like Franklin.

Back in March, my wife and I took a trip to England.  We saw the sites, did the tourist thing, watched a soccer football local sporting event.  Something odd came up a week prior—a friend of mine just happened to be in Paris that weekend.  Side trip! One thing I learned from the people I sat next to on the Eurostar to Paris, it doesn’t matter what country you are in, people bitch about the same stuff at work.  Also, since it was snowing, no matter what country you are in people will irritate me by bitching about the cold.  I’m from Arizona, if I can handle a little snow without complaining, what does that say about you?






This is my review of Kronenbourg 1664.

This is also my review of Kronenbourg 1664.

I thought I would find out if a beer was different here vs. across the pond.  So I bought three cans on the train with the intent of smuggling one of them back home.  Cost for three 500mL cans:  about €11.  But why Kronenbourg?  Honestly, it was the only one available at the time I thought of it that was sold on both continents.  Once I got home I picked up a six pack from a local Kroger.  Cost:  about $8.

Here’s the problem, when I decided to finally drink it I found out what was available at my local grocer was imported directly from France, rather than a contract brewer located somewhere in North America.

Edinburg, that’s in still in Scotland, right?

 To make matters worse, the can I stuffed in my checked bag at Heathrow was actually brewed by a contract brewer in Scotland.  Which gives me the further impression that not only does the Auld Alliance still live[!], the modern Scottish economy is mostly booze, and [fucking] sheep related.

 Incidentally this 500mL can is 2.5 out if the 4 daily units of alcohol recommended by the British government.  Which is a shame, given the amount of alcohol available over there.  Not as shameful as the beer; this is rather forgettable.  Neither is one I would recommend when others are available, but for purposes of consistency: Kronenbourg 1664 2.5/5.

 Due to this disappointment I went and found another to feature.  This one is from Grand Canyon Brewery in Williams, AZ which for the observant among you will recall the last time I raised awareness for the Glibertarian Beer it Forward.

This one uses the same schtick as the bock with the bag of wood chips in the bottle to add notes of fresh cut oak but also raw coffee beans.  I was much happier with this one.  Grand Canyon Coffee Bean Stout: 3.5/5.