Howdy y’all, back in the land of sunshine and meth from the Mitten. I’m grateful to everyone else who took a turn this week. It did not escape my notice that certain commenters here have taken a liking to some of the alternate link forms. Me too. But I’m the plain vanilla that makes all the exotic flavors so fun, so you gets what you gets. In SPORTZBALL news, the Astros finally stole a home game from the Angels, who are tearing it up away from Los Anaheim, and special thanks to the Maple Leafs for beating up Boston and then rolling over. My local frozen pond team appreciates it. Will the Caps lay down for the Pens again? Odds are good.

Lets do some links!

Bill Cosby – Convict

It looks like Bill Cosby’s luck has run out. I think he should get a tie-breaker trial. Wait. Is that not how that works?

Looks like OMWC’s swimmers are finally starting to slow. Number of pre-teen moms at record low in the US. Either that or uncles in the Ozarks are really getting slow.

In today’s court or BDSM sweepstakes, former hottest judge on the bench appoints “special master” to review Cohen files for attorney-client privilege. Which, totally sexist since the master is a madam. We’ll see what happens, but its nice see at least a fig-leaf given to the idea that the 4A means what it says.

I’m trying to imagine how a crude oil or asphalt explosion happens. That’s not good. Thankfully nobody was killed.

Army Heathen gets okay to wear beard. No word yet on whether he can perform the Blood Eagle on enemies.

As a joke, I mistakenly asked SF what the most disturbing porn he had ever come across was. Here is a SFW (but not necessarily your soul) review.

Here’s an oil song for those refinery guys.