I’m stuck in documentation hell. After I finish the design overview, I can start mapping data fields. Or I can go on hunt to figure out where all my reference hyperlinks should go. Oh, and then I can do a what-if analysis on technical risk for the PM. I already checked, none of my appendages will fit into the shredder, but I think the fan is sturdy enough to hold this noose I fashioned from old network cable… One thing I like to do is give the systems Laundry Files style codenames in my original draft so that it looks like “CORROSION RED MONDAY will feature a bi-directional, multi-entity integration with HOLYSTONE UMBER BORON mediated by AZURE LOGIC APPS”. Just… don’t forget to run find and replace before you circulate it. Trust me.

Cancel exercise ROMERO ORANGE ZULU, Patient Zero has been located.

Subject POLLUTANT GREEN CLEARCUT is under attack again. Will there even BE an environment to protect by the time he’s destroyed?

Case RAILROAD BROWN TIDE appears to be stuck. That stinks.

Too good to check: Operation PURPLE HEAD HYPOCRITE it a go. We’ll see “live boy/dead girl” is still the stay/go standard for pols.

50 years ago today  this came out– I’m low on ideas.