“Order in…Morning Links.”

“You want cream and sugar with that, hun?”

I’ll get yer links in while the place is still kind of empty. Once the morning rush hits, you’d be lucky to get as much as half a quote of a day old headline, without waiting for 30 minutes at least. So, lets start.

Sports – Baseball… there was some macho strutting and posturing, with remarkably little actual damage for so much “fighting”.  Soccer stuff in Europe made people say “@#$%”. Basketball is now set for its playoffs. THERE WAS NO HOCKEY, I DON’T CARE WHAT YOU HEARD. HOCKEY STARTS AGAIN THIS FALL.

Birthdays – Henry Clay (1777), Beverly Cleary (1916…still alive!), Tiny Tim (1932 – not alive), Herbie Hancock (1940), Ed O’Neill (1946), Tom Clancy (1947), David Letterman (1947), Scott Turow (1949), Shannen Doherty (1971), Brooklyn Decker (1987)…

Happy Birthday to me…



  • Um, … OK. Didn’t know the Canadian Air Force could, you know, reach Syria. I understand they have something sort of over there…But, way to boldly stand up against Trumputin and the rush to war… I guess.
  • I know all of you will be rocked to the core when you read this. I mean, the sacred guardians of the public…are corrupt shitbirds?! Wow, who woulda thunk it?!
  • Huh. I don’t think STEVE SMITH is going to be impressed. You know how he hates amateurs…and politicians. I wonder if Western feminists will decry what appears to be a real “rape culture”? Oh, who am I kidding.
  • I guess we can start getting an idea of what side the cops are on in the UK. Hint, it ain’t the victim’s side.

Hope those links are savory and satisfying.

Since I mentioned Herbie Hancock…have a predictable music link.